1906 GO Beans for Energy 1MG

Product description

GO Beans for Energy

Go is an all-natural performance enhancer made from cannabis sativa and four natural stimulants for clean energy.

A combination of caffeine and L-theanine gives you a burst of alertness, Galangal enhances focus, and theobromine increases blood flow. 

Go Beans are made with locally-roasted Strava coffee beans covered in artisanal dark chocolate. 


All 1906 Chocolates use artisanal chocolate and have no trace of cannabis taste, due to a proprietary flavor masking process.

Every 1906 product activates within 20 minutes using a patented technology that makes them the fastest-acting edibles in the world.


1mg THC/1mg CBD per Bean

20 beans per unit = 20mg THC/20mg CBD per unit

36 units per case

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3 reviews

3 years ago
5 stars

The perfect day time high and awesome for workouts

In love with these little guys! I'm not usually an edible gal, because of my past experiences but I decided to give it another go. So happy I did. I get a very light l, gradual high that is purely a sativa feel with no anxiety. I actually really fell in love with these because I didn't even realize how tense I was until giving these a go. I'd recommend starting out with one and see how you feel. They pack a punch but it's so calming once you go through the first wave. I would totally give these a go if you're looking for a chill high that you can function without anxiety! Great for taking the edge off of family events and a huge aid to a great workout!
1 year ago
5 stars

my favorite!

great blend, great high.
1 year ago
3 stars

How to open this thing?

Sure it's a great product, but I am on day 2 of trying to get this beautiful circular man proof can open. A lil frustrating.
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