Agave TinQture CBD 100:1 REC

Product description

We were one of the first in the industry to bring a CBD dominant tincture to everyone back in 2015! marQaha Agave TinQture CBD contains a powerful dose of CBD (1000 MG approx) and a small amount of THC (10 MG approx) that can be taken anywhere on the go.

Product Highlights:


100% Coconut based MCT (rainforest friendly)

Ethically Grown and Environmentally Sourced*

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3) eQuilib 4) Qerpene

0% palm oil 

Gluten Free

Sugar Free


1000 MG of CBD and 10 MG of THC per 2 OZ bottle


* One major component of our tinctures is the base being MCT derived from 100% coconuts. This is a more expensive option but allows us to be a better company for both humans and the environment. Most MCT in the world uses a blend of coconut and palm oil (a cheaper option) and is one of the world’s leading causes of Orangutan habitat and rainforest destruction.

TinctureCBDCBD (<0.3% THC)Recreational
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2 reviews

4 years ago
5 stars

600mg per bottle, tastes great...

...and for that price; what more is there to say?! One tip, follow the instructions on the bottle and let the agave warm up a bit to room temperature before use. Only improvement would be a marker on the dropper indicating a full dose. I had to buy a separate measured dropper because I’m a stickler for accuracy.
1 year ago
1 star


Idk if all their products tastes like the pump spray we got (Stevia)but if it does then pass it up,it was so gross it tasted like minty pink sugars thrown in water it was so gross ...ya so my next question is do all your products have saccharine in it,or Stevia in them they pretty much the same thing artificial sweeteners anyway so do they all have the Stevia in it???
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