Claybourne Co. - Head Banger (S) - 1/8th

$65.00per 1/8 oz
Product description
Total THC27.0%
Head Banger (80% sativa, 20% indica) is one of the finest sativa strains you can possibly get your hands on. The strain is a descendent of Sour Diesel. Not only is it a sativa dominant strain but it has an exceptionally high THC content. Head Banger produces beautiful, incredibly dense buds to medicate with. Moreover, it smells sour and offers a blend of citrus and diesel flavors. The strain is known as headbanger for good reason. Its high will overwhelm your senses in no time. It primarily offers a cerebral high and will make it easier for you to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. You will feel happy and euphoric, which is just what you will need if you are finding it difficult to keep things interesting. Considering its effects, this strain is best suited for individuals who are suffering from mood swings, anxiety, or depression.
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