BudBud - Dragonfruit (SH) - indoor half ounce (small buds)

$165.00per 1/2 oz
Product description
Total THC27.0%
Dragonfruit (65% sativa, 35% indica) is a study in contrasts. While it features an intense and energetic high, it is balanced out by a soft edge that relaxes and calms. This strain also provides an experience that is euphoric and uplifting and gives consumers a bit of a kick. For those looking for a remedy to the afternoon slump, this strain is the perfect solution. Dragonfruit is a raucous ride that aids in pain relief and mitigates depression symptoms. It is also a strain that people can use with friends. Dragonfruit induces giggly happiness and generates relaxation and good conversation. It also has a complex and pleasant aroma. Consumers don’t have to settle for a skunky or dank flavor with this one. Instead, the Dragonfruit strain boasts notes of sweet fruit and refreshing pine, along with a burst of tart, citrusy goodness.
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