805 Beach Breaks

4.4 stars by 339 reviews
dispensaryGrover Beach, Californiamedical & recreational
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4.4 stars

Best Shop Around

This shop is always my go to. They consistently have good service and quality products. I like to stop by to see what's new on the shelf. Went in the other day and picked up this Be More Blunt joint and it was amazing! Great flavor and burned for a while. Highly recommend stopping by!

Something's off....

I've frequented this shop since opening, and have left 5 star reviews in the past under my other account. I went in here yesterday and something was very off....I had just seen the news that they had sold the business to Harvest, so I'm curious if that has anything to do with this..Anyways, onto the review: I walked in and I could tell something was up...The employees have gone from treating people normally to having an EXTREMELY corporate vibe..Even the reception desk was completely offputting..I felt like I was in a military entrance zone rather than a weed shop....One of my absolute favorite budtenders does not work here anymore, for reasons that the employees would not tell me, and the two employees I asked looked extremely shooken up and caught offguard when I asked about the person. I'm guessing it has to do with the recent turn of events that has been unfolding regarding this storefront. All this being said, why would ANYONE in their right mind support a business like this? It's obvious that the ownership does not care for their employees, and it's extremely obvious that they're being pushed towards a corporate vibe (You're a pot shop, come on dude). I've also noticed they're either paying Weedmaps or flagging reviews to try and keep their ratings up..... I'm so disappointed with the state of Cannabis in this area, and this shop is only further proof that it is COMPLETELY pay-to-play and "Find Cheap Labor Fast"....STAY AWAY.

Great product.

Great product and so nice knowing we have this if a delivery can’t come through. Having a license doesn’t help you, so it’s way way way more expensive than you’ll be used to with deliveries. I pay 55 for a delivery and like 87 here.


supper frendy staff love the vibe going in the shop laid back lots of sliction to chord from 💯🔥

Great Experience!

Very accommodating, we loved the entire experience! There were a total of 5 of us and I never heard a complaint, that was a great way to start the overnight and out of town shenanigans! Thanks so much 😁☺️

Weed shop of the future

Their way of doing things is very interesting but great! All technological and it actually makes things nice and convenient. No staff constantly pestering, No pressure, no bs. I was looking to restock some of the highest potency heavy hitters they had and I was able to go right on to their live inventory and determine which ones suited me best. All at my own speed and convenience. Carts were fire as always and very much enjoyed the experience


great place, great weed, the staff is not hovering over you. nice place to go.

Great place for anyone looking for quality

This shop is always my go to when traveling through the central coast. Everyone from the front desk receptionist to the budtenders are absolutely amazing. They always are very attentive to what I’m looking for and their product selections are always changing. I also love that you can check out the flower before purchasing, unlike some other shops. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a place with quality service and products. Those Raw Garden cartridges are delicious! I always stock up at 805 Beach Breaks. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!


If you like dry, brittle weed that was packaged 2 years or more ago...this is the spot for you. This place tries to sucker people in with flashing lights and corny technology that has nothing to do with cannabis. You can’t see, touch or smell the product before buying it and all sales are final. This is perfect if you’re very old, paranoid and afraid at the idea of getting a delivery...or if you’re a tourist and it’s just a convenient option because some of the delivery places aren’t tourist-friendly.

Great Place! Great experience!

I was a first time customer going in there today. Had great service! Great Flower! Good prices! Thank you guys! Will be going there from now on!

Rude agressive budtender

They had the products I was looking for. Riley however was so extremely rude and aggressive towards me I felt compelled to ask her if she was having a good day today. However small or silly a question might seem , theres no need for hostility and judgment. It seems to occur among bud tenders in this area who think they are too cool to be kind and give professional customer service. Its definitely a small town mentality so I didn't take it personally but these types of things shouldn't be happening . I was trying to get my medicine!

Awesome place!! With a really cool staff!!👍👍

This dispensary is very welcoming, from the security crew to the back room Staff and everyone in between! Riley is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable!! Everyone in there knows there stuff, but my go to bud tender is Riley!!! Great personality and quality products! Raw garden is my go to!!!


Riley (the redheas) is awesome at her job and very helpful. best bud tinder.


great nuggs. just a little pricey.

Great shop

my wife and I visited for the first time and had an excellent experience today. from the front door to the checkout counter, everyone was super helpful and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend them!

Super kind!

Employees all give off a very kind and welcoming vibe, it’s almost like they all live at the beach or something haha! Any how I bought two 1/4 zips one lemon and one orange, they were both of exceptional quality for the 50$ price point and the orange had the biggest cured nug I had seen in my entire life(it’s was one huge nug and a nickel sized nug 😂). 10/10 would send a friend.

Great service and great stuff!!

I give u five stars, for making my trip up the coast a memorable one. After I got some crappy bud from Venice Kush the day before I stop here hoping I’d get some good Cali weed and sure enough I did! Thank u for the detailed images and profile of each cannabis item. Super cool to just learn about ever product on the touch screen. State of the art place in a little town! Mahalo!!!

overall great place

Great products and service overall. Glad to have found a legit spot. Thanks 805!

Made my vacation weekend improve tenfold

WOW! I often encounter shops which have the appearance of state of the art level aesthetics but this shop walks the walk! I started my vacation with absolute style after visiting this shop. Came in clutch when I needed a re up on my Heavy Hitters 1G of Malibu OG. Thank you!

Dope little spot!

Pretty cool selection small but still effective, friendly knowledgeable staff the digital tech info is pretty sweet... Overall great experience Gibbs definitely knows quite a bit about all the products they sell Kool dude for sure!