Indica Popcorn 1oz

$134.00per 1 oz
Product description

Perfect for those looking for buds in bulk. Popcorn is comprised of small buds that develop just beneath the plant’s larger colas. While small in size, they pack similar potencies to their full-sized counterparts.

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4 reviews

the sofa
2 months ago
1 star

Railr road weed

This is probably the worst marijuana I've smoked in a long time period it reminded me of being in high school being in high school with no damn car walk in the railroad tracks in the weird railroad tracks incoming across a planet is the cross a plant or 2.. The ounce that I received was an ounce of stems period of course I was expecting small buds but it looks like it was the end of the batch and it was all dust Very disappointing. As for the effects well they were so so . I'm a kind of guy that finds a penny on the floor I'm going to pick it up. This Rwanda is so bad that I dropped nugs on the floor and didn't even bother to pick them up.
Chilly Willy
8 months ago
5 stars

New Favorite "Value" Weed

Other than Mimosa by ZIPS and Wedding Cake by Pacific Stone, none of the bulk "value" weeds have really done it for me. I'm a daily toker so am always on the hunt an ounce of good stuff at a good price. The High Supply Indica hits both requirements. As stated, the buds are "popcorn", so smaller than what you'd typically get, and a little dry, but big in smell, flavor, density and effect and coated in trichomes. Very pleasant earthy, slightly gassy smell and a taste of pine and citrus. The end of my joint got all sticky like good indica does. The high is just as strong as any $65 "luxury" weed I've smoked, relaxing both head and body. At $155/oz ($125 with my discount), this is now my go-to for bulk weed.
3 months ago
5 stars

Very good!

I was expecting tiny little buds because when they say “popcorn” it’s usually the size of popcorn kernels not actual popcorn LoL… this one is actually the size of popped popcorn! And the quality of the bud was also very good. The smell wasn’t DANK but once you smoke it, you know you’re smoking dank. Pretty good for it being a “value” weed. I’d definitely purchase it again.
7 months ago
5 stars

I agree with Chilly Willy

The best value for me that day at GoldnBloom and shout out to Victoria 🥇
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