$28.00per 1/8 oz
Product description
Total THC22.0%

You might doubt that vanilla-frosted pastries smell irresistible with a delicate spritz of diesel fuel, but this strain proves it. A child of modern classic Cookies and Cream from the master breeders at Exotic Genetics, Bootylicious imparts a refreshing, evenly-balanced high that’s welcome day or night, bringing you to an uplifted, relaxed headspace while keeping you luxuriously seated in your body. Just like a great hybrid should.  


Feelings: Happy, Relaxed, Open 

Flavor: Vanilla, Pastry, Gas-Funk 

Usage: Big Brunch, Beach Day, Dinner Party

Lineage: Orange Valley x The Cube

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8 reviews

1 month ago
5 stars


Making this my 3rd fav from them after fire & true! This is some dank herb!! Love it! Can’t go wrong!
2 months ago
5 stars

Straight fire

Straight 🔥 expected it to taste like cheeks but it actually had a nice fruity flavor
3 months ago
5 stars


If you ever had a Orange Julius Beverage then you will enjoy this strain. I have been medicating since 1977 this strain took my shoulder pain away with 3 tokes in a joint. The taste of Vanilla was amazing and the buds were from popcorn to mid size of sugar coated nugs
2 months ago
4 stars

Better than SSH in my opinion

I’d give this 5 for what it is but mine was dry. The seal was slightly off due to manufacturing. Packed this year thou. Nugs are definitely smalls which is odd because they have smalls for sale also. This is better than the super sliver haze imo because the ash burnt mostly white and the flavor was better. This is a perfect hybrid leaning slightly more toward indica with its pain relieving qualities. High isn’t too strong and doesn’t last too long but overall in this price range it’s hard to beat.
2 months ago
4 stars

GH farms delivers as usual

very green strong outdoor nice hybrid high, semi harsh rip but gave me vertigo when I sat down. high wasn’t as long as I hoped for. great price good looking dank decent smoke
2 months ago
4 stars

Very good feeling!

Very ANTI depressing. From a regular smoker. This is a good strain.
2 months ago
4 stars


Small budlets in my eighth that smoke well with clean white ash but too many dud nugs with no taste. I was concerned when it smelled like purple punch out the jar but thankfully no punch terps . The nugs that are a hit are actually really tasty! Reminds me of a milder purple (grape) sweet tart no joke! No lingering aftertaste but overall solid high and quality smoke for the price
3 months ago
5 stars


taste like some fuego and hits like it
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