Route 66 Buds Dispensary

4.6 stars by 34 reviews
dispensaryOklahoma City, Oklahomamedical
Closed12:00pm - 6:00pm
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4.6 stars

Best experience I've had since I got my card.

I was pleasantly surprised pulling in. Easy parking with plenty of room. The exterior is clean and maintained, looks nice. Inside there was excellent lighting, It's nice and bright. So, you can get a good look at the product. The setup is comfortable. I found it easy to navigate the shelves. The Staff was nice. Great customer service. Everything was in order and they actually have full shelves. Plenty of products. I picked three myself, and so far the cart ripps, and didn't take long to come on. Some of the best weed I've seen in the state. I ain't even made it to the moonrock preroll, but I'm pretty sure it's going to perform as advertised. The best thing was price by far. Got out of there with a battery as well. All that for less than 60. Plus, they gave me a free Sprite. The whole experience made my day. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a professional dispensary. I'll definitely return.

Great experience and very helpful!

Let me start by saying I just recently got my card because I was tired of prescription medication and it's side effects. I went into 66 Buds Dispensary a little nervous and uneducated. The budtenders were SO nice and walked me through the entire process. From what strains are good for what to pricing and everything in-between. Not once did they make me feel my questions were elementary and explained everything. I know there are a lot of dispensaries around town and some are closer to my house, but they made me into a regular in one trip. Thank you all so much and see you soon!

Great smoke and great prices!

This place was wonderful! Great selection of flower and I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve got here. The prices were very good and were tax included. Parking was easy, service was very professional. I got three different grams of Indica leaning hybrids and a gram of bubble hash. I highly recommend the Fruity Pebbles.

Packaging ruint the flower

The prepackaging here makes no sense, what you can see, you cannot buy. One of my grams was dry and halfway shaky and the other one was probably decent or how it was intended to be sold. Any time something is sitting on the shelf in a plastic container and not a glass jar for freshness, if you know anything about cannabis the likely results should be obvious. Other than that, super friendly people and nice dispensary, only ok flower in my opinion, the smell was much better than the taste as it was harsh and just OK.

plain and simple... GREATEST!

Honestly I had no negatives about this place. the staff was very very knowledgeable and know their stuff. Their prices are GREAT and tax included 👍 Also their house shake is BOMB. COM !!!! And only $15 a eighth. Not to mention all their other flower is great too. The black Domina was phenomenal! All I can say is 66Buds has it figured out. 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Love this place

The fact that they have Security is my favorite, I don’t want to feel like I’m going to get robbed while buying medicine.

wont sell 8ths even though they have full jars

thought I found my new dispensary. great flower decent prices. 2nd time going in they give me a different price on the ounces. ($10) more which isnt a big deal. then I ask for an 8th guy says he only has grams for sale at $12 a g. so, he sales me 3 grams at $36 and an 8th cost $40... refused to do anything about that when he literally had a full jar of that strain in front of him because it would throw off his inventory.. why have inventory if you dont want to sell it?

They sell gass 💨💨

Excellent staff and exceptional service , I would certainly be coming back ! I really enjoyed the flower I bought and the prices were good too !

Dispensary full of awesome

Love this dispensary they’ve been so good helping me with things I didn’t know anything about and when I needed something they got it in and held it back for me to pick up later they’ve just been wonderful very helpful very kind and their products are great and I’ve had no problems with anything there that I’ve purchased they’re great prices thanks Route 66 Treasa

cool place

dropped in great deals. Eric super Kool and knows he's business. and there Pink panther is bomb


Good service nice product and decent prices and I like how tax included in price and cool building I will definitely be back

First time customer

I came in on a whim just bc the building is cool looking . They have a pretty decent selection across the board. I bought afgani and a joint of blueberry Jamaican was out the door for less than 30. I'll be back 😎


I was impressed with the store set up. they have great prices with some really good cannabis. I tried Manderine Kush. wow very nice for the price! then I tried jamaican blueberry. wow wow. I'll be back for more! thank you!

consistently great product

Always great selection, if they happen to be out of something they let you know when theyre getting more in. Have never been let down so far

I am really impressed

the jamaican blueberry is to die for

Steve Smith

Great prices on Flower. Found a nice Afgani indica for $7 a gram, better than much of the "Top Shelf" varieties that some charge $15+ for at other dispensaries. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, I even got a free Coca Cola for the ride home. Definitely at the top of my OKC list.

Loved my Jamaican blueberry 😝

This strain was $7 for a gram out the door and twas gas!!!🔥 Best strain I’ve found at any dispensary in OKC! Bummed they weren’t open right now but understanding that they are pretty new, so hoping the hours will be later eventually! Keep up the good work guys! Literally obsessed💜

first time

today was my first time visiting. my search was first clones. They only had Jamaican Blueberry in stock, so I purchased one. But I was most impressed by the fact they actually had flower in stock so that I will know if I will actually like this strain. I mention this because most times I buy clones, but dispensaries rarely have any bud of the clones they sell. I will definitely be back.

Returning customer!

My husband and I love this place. Very knowledgeable staff. Eric always has a smile on his face and is ready to help. this is a Dispensary we will continue to come back to. Reasonably priced!

Fantastic service

I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and Eric and Haley were fast and very helpful. I also asked Eric for his best flower and he quickly directed me to his Mandarin Kush and I can’t WAIT to try this out. This will be my new go to spot based on their customer service alone. Highly recommend.