Pure Green | Pure Calm Tablets 12 Pack


Find your calm - every single day.


Pure Calm is the only cannabis anxiety medicine that keeps your head clear.   Under-the-tongue tablets act in minutes to help you focus and achieve.    Daily micro-doses of natural CBD and THC plus specific terpenes lower stress and anxiety without the damaging side-effects of pharmaceuticals or the distraction of a high. 


There is no high in the world like helping someone you care about manage pain. Help us spread the word to your mother, aunt, grandfather or pastor that there exists safe anxiety and pain relief from medical cannabis you don’t have to smoke, vape, or eat.


You know cannabis works for you. All the arguments in the world fall apart when faced with something that simply works. Fast acting buzz-free tablets are what medical cannabis is supposed to be. 


Years of clinical trial research has yielded precise, tolerance resistant dosing and symptom-specific formulations you can use daily or as-needed. Get near-immediate relief in safe micro-doses for anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, IBD, crohn’s, sleep issues, even menstrual pain, migraines, and more. This is cannabis as medicine.


Melts under your tongue. Acts in minutes and lasts for hours. Safe for daily medicinal relief.


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4.5 stars

Where are you getting these?

Anywhere near Lansing?

The Result Is Great, The Taste Is Not

First off, I think these are great, from a results perspective. They give you the result they claim and I highly recommend them for that alone. However, the directions say to put under the tongue and dissolve, then move your tongue around to get results faster. The tablet I used did not dissolve very quickly. The too layer did, but tasted terrible, and then the core of the tablet was just sitting there, under my tongue. Could not determine if that was the intended result or not. Eventually just swallowed the whole thing and washed my mouth out with coffee. The end result is great, the initial taste, mouth feel, and flavor are kind of butt. Would suggest just swallowing, despite the package claiming five minutes if you dissolve under your tongue.


This product really is a miracle worker. I absolutely love it. Pure Green has a customer for life.

Great Product

I bought the PURE Calm and PURE sleep products. They were the best CBD tablets I've ever used. I'd like to know where this product is retailed at. The place I initially brought it from hasn't restocked it yet. I live near Wayne, Dearborn and Redford. Can someone point me in the right direction?

It’s Pure

These tablets really do the trick. I recommend this for anyone.

They are decent wish they had higher milligrams

For the price you can’t beat them! Wish they had higher milligrams per pack or per pill. But it works
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