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4.8 stars

Personable staff

My order conversations with the xaler staff are so unlike other delivery services! They take the time to ask me about my day and give me different options for other (new) products I might be interested in. Plus my dog loves their drivers :)

The absolute best customer service

Just now I wanted to get an order in and Alex was so gracious to help me. I was getting a bit frustrated with how to proceed but they did a really good job at paying attention to details and asking me specifically about what product I was interested in. You guys are great! Returning customer at your hands


Best weedmaps delivery service available. Thanks to Xaler, I’m gonna lick windows tonight. Chase your dreams snake farm

fast service 'n informative

got my delivery and it was timely. my driver knew so much about the products I got and more, he was like the google of cannabis

Wasted my time

My camera is fucked up so it only takes blurry photos and after sending them selfies all forms of id and my rev they still wouldn’t service me they were: super rude, unhelpful and most important uncooperative. Would never recommend to anyone just walk to a store!!

This Is Love

I use this service daily!!! Thank you Xaler! (Thank you James!)

Consistently good for years!

I've been ordering from Xaler for years and its always been a positive experience. The weekly deals for Stiiizy are great too 💖

good service

thought they deserved to know how their employees are doing. ive had good experiences, great experiences, and only one half bad experience. keep up the good work. really happy with what they've got going on here


dank buds and fast deliver my driver was nice too


I'm blown out of the water with how satisfied I am with this delivery service. Found myself looking for some great concentrates for 7/10 and I must say the West Coast Cure brought me to different levels of high that I haven't experienced in a while. I appreciate you xaler team, will be ordering from you again soo

Deals on Deals

They have weekly deals that get you that bang for your buck. All their products are top shelf, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences. Take advantage of those deals, especially the disposable vapes that I've been searching high and low for!! Get em while you can!

Waste of time - Bad service

These guys wasted over an hour of my time just trying to PLACE an order. They sold out of the product I wanted just because of their slow response times and then after 45 minutes tried to sell me a different product for twice the cost. yeah, nah, you lost my business.
Xaler Delivery
Culver City
Hey there! We apologize for the service you received, as it is definitely not the standard that we have. If you would like to give us another shot, please contact us to receive a discount for any future order! :) Last night our phone service provider was having some major issues with their software, so our response times were longer than usual. Software was lagging out of control and we could not use the computer to respond to anyone. :( We would love to hear from you again and most importantly, we apologize and appreciate your past support! :)
Official Response

Faaaav Flowers

The house flower is to die for. I can go on and on about density, stickiness, and potency but it won't do it justice. My current top fav is the cookie punch but I'm excited to try out the new ones!

Favorite Place

Hey! This is for you guys who like to read reviews, but everyone else is welcome too! Let me start by saying I really didn't know what I was getting into when I ordered from Xaler. I read some reviews (like you) and was like WOW! And then I looked at the prices and was highly impressed. So, I figured, definitely worth the risk. Let me tell you, Xaler went so far beyond my expectations that I think they set the bar for the delivery experience. It isn't like anything is particularly outstanding, but just that everything is earnest, and everything is, at minimum, good. The people are good, nice people. The speed is great. Communication is great. Adjustments are really easy because of how flexible and patient-centered they are. Seriously, I really feel like I've found my little, neighborhood shop here. I know they're a bit bigger than that, but still, it feels really nice to be a regular with these guys.

smoooooothhhh operators

postmates for your weed....nuff said

Fantastic Service

I just can't heap enough praise on this group. They have been one of the best delivery companies for a while now. I love their drivers and their staff, and you'll never hear me complain about their prices. Nope. I can't imagine another company doing what they do. Thank you universe for a service like this! We are very lucky to have you!

My First Experience With Delivery

So tonight was my first time ever doing delivery. Well, with weed that is. I didn't know what to expect. I felt silly when they asked, but they had me take a selfie with my ID but right after, they complimented me and made me feel 100% comfortable. From there, it was like a water slide. I mean, I just moved right through the process. From my first phone call, to the driver getting to my door, it was 42 minutes. I CLOCKED IT! 42 MINUTES! They helped me with recommendations, and were so cordial and sweet throughout it all. I am in awe of my experience with them and just had to come here, where I found them. 5 stars, all the way. Thank you George for being so kind and welcoming at the door (my driver) and thank you staff on the phones. I don't think I'm willing to try another place. I think this is home for me :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Wtf you mean meet you in Beverly Hills

This is the most ridiculous bullshit I have ever heard you’re randomly want to change your delivery so you can start charging a fee then you tell me the only way you’re not charge me a fee is if I somehow meet you in Beverly Hills instead of my home being almost in Culver city. The fuck type of shit is that how the fuck you wanna ask somebody to meet you in Beverly Hills to get a delivery is is not a Fuckin delivery service that tells you you cannot receive deliveries anywhere else but your address. Tried over and over again with this place to no avail fuck that
Xaler Delivery
Culver City
Hey there - we looked over your situation yesterday and unfortunately you are out of our delivery area :( . We do offer a deliveries to people outside of our delivery area with an additional fee (your address was a $5 delivery fee). We had given a suggestion to meet closer in order to avoid the fee, not that we couldn't deliver to you. I apologize we couldn't find a solution that worked out for you! Please feel free to contact us again if you need any further clarification and maybe we can offer you something for this inconvenience :). Thank you for your time!
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Good Customer Service

The meds were exactly what I ordered and they came at the perfect time. The driver was very nice. What’s most important to me is that I get good quality medication that is actually in stock and that is what Xaler did! I will be ordering again in the near future. Thank you.

They Grow Great Kush & Have Great Service!

I’m actually blown away with the quality of their “ Xaler Ice Cream Cake” I ordered an 8th and it’s amazing! The feel, look & taste of this bud are top notch the prices are fair and their service is excellent! 10/10