Club Soda - Cub Nugs [3.5g]

Product description
Total THC26.3%

Small Buds. Perfect for Indoors Smokers on an Outdoor Budget.


Genetics (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies)

Club Soda is a Sativa-Dominant hybrid that brings together the best of both Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies in a euphoric and stimulating way. Each fluffy emerald bud is covered in trichomes that carries a powerful gassy nose and tastes exactly as it smells. Club Soda has lingering sweet notes that are amplified with each smooth hit, a perfect strain for someone who enjoys a fragrant and floral cannabis experience. This strain is one that makes you laugh like it’s your first-time smoking. Immensely mood elevating, making it an excellent pairing for watching movies and social gatherings. It provides the perfect amount of mental euphoria and calmness without depleting your exiting energy level, giving you the best of both worlds.

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1 review

1 day ago
5 stars

Just Like Soda Pop

As an indica lover, I was completely blown away by how much I loved this brand and strain. Pacific Stone's Orange Cookies were also great! The bud is beautifully light green, dense, and a fizzy, fruity, flavorful taste following the phenomenal smell. It is a clear. headed, happy high that will have you giggling at the worst jokers and smiling at assholes. It did not cause me any anxiety whatsoever and eases into sleep about 4 hours post smoking. Really special stuff and worth trying it. 10/10
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