Blanka - Cub Nugs [3.5g]

$35.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Small Buds. Perfect for Indoor Smokers on an Outdoor Budget!



Genetics (Snoop's Blue Dream x Scott's OG)

Blanka is a Grizzly Peak premier sativa hybrid strain that leaves you feeling elevated and alert. Snoop’s Blue Dream and Scott’s OG are the genetics behind this extremely balanced chemovar that will leave you in a giggly dream-like state while relaxing every muscle in your body. The trichome-dense buds have a myriad of vibrant greens with orange pistils on each luscious nug that exudes a deep herbal scent. The syrupy smoke is smooth and flavorful on exhale enhancing the earthy taste, allowing terpenes abundant in the strain to shine through. Pinene and myrcene fuse to produce a hypnotic effect that is sedative while remaining bright and cerebral, making Blanka a great addition to any day. From errands to kicking back and watching a movie, this adaptable strain will not disappoint.

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