Strawberry Belts 500mg


Smashed Gummies offers new high dose gummies. Each package contains 10 Strawberry Belts with 50 mg THC each to satisfy any sweet tooth. Smashed Gummies are handmade in Los Angeles and provide a great alternative for those who want to medicate without smoking. 

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2.6 stars

If I could give it zero I would. 500mg - nada

So I normally vape and decided to get back to edibles. Using delivery, i went with smashed. 500mg and barely a buzz. Joke.

theeeerrrreeee great

these were the best thing ever next to ur post they

Very potent

I tried those last week, and i got so faded i was useless all day lol 😂. I still felt it the next day 🧐so weird lmao

Horrible DO NOT BUY Big waste of money

Got this 500 mg bags and doses as I normally would as I’m pretty confident I know my body and edible tolerance so I ate around 140mg and felt absolutely I decide to eat a whole bag because at this point I have waited over 3 hours with no relief and a slight headache in fact looking back on it and again I maybe felt a tiny head change for about 30 minutes and then was hit with a massive headache and no relief. Huge disappointment...sad you still find people dispensing shit meds to people who really rely on cannabis to make life livable. I am scrounging somedays for meds so anytime I get a dud it’s a huge burn in my pocket. Please be warned about these products!

hard to tell strips apart

Strips are not in a full piece, they have broken up into many little pieces it's hard to tell how much is one strip. Dont know exactly how much to take for it to be 20mg.
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