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4.5 stars

Amazing flower

I am such a big fan of the wcc og flower . So far it’s the best Og I have ever tried. But , it’s getting very difficult to purchase the flower. I spend about $140 a week but it’s like the prices are getting higher. Please help me! And where do I get the hardcore Og? I never see it.

Cherry Cobler

I happened to see this strain on weedmaps and it just so happened my delivery had it in stock. Medium sized, round shaped buds with a great appearance. The effects for me were somewhat mild, but still pleasant. Great for users with low-medium tolerance.
West Coast Cure
We're glad you enjoyed this strain! For those with a higher tolerance, we recommend Gas OG, True OG or Hardcore OG - these should do the trick (; Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Appreciate you #BhombFamLove
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