Bare Farms - Pure OG


Bare Farms PURE OG Indica strain has a natural and potent effect of relaxing and uplifting users. This strain helps users deal with common health issues that plague society such as stress, pain and depression. Users will notice their troubles melt away almost instantly from the magical and uplifting effects of this strain.

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    3 stars

    that's right ...

    perfect for 😴😴 barewoods never disapoints

    Luckys Health Group Delivery Mira Mesa/San Diego

    Have tried almost every Barewoods strain I can get my hands on and today I purchased 2 from 'Luckys Health Group Delivery' in Mira Mesa / San Diego. I purchased a Blue Dream and a Pure OG , the Blue Dream looks great. However the Pure OG when weighed out is only 3.5g compared to all other products which weigh 4 grams. I reached out to the dispensary and received no compensation they only directed me to the Barewoods brand. Normally you guys are on point I know this dispensary opens products to post pictures of them on weed maps so perhaps along the way something was misplaced or somebody got a little confused with the '4g 1/8th' advertising. Either way paying extra for higher quality flower shouldn't come with fear of being shorted. This dispensary is blaming you guys and I just want what i'm paying for, please reach out.

    Disappointed bro

    Went to a shop that has your stuff on shelves and this smelled none like og at all had a outdoor smell and it was your label and everything so I know it was the real one smh pure og my ass you guys probably gave them a bad batch or whatever but it didn’t have that indica smell I’m use to


    this is for the real OG lovers it lives up to its name! Super potent
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