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The vaporizer starter pack contains vaporizer cartridges from 3 different formulations, Green, Yellow and Red. Each formulation may have a different effect on your condition. The starter pack is designed to allow a patient to try multiple formulations and hone in on what formulation will work best. There is a limit of 1 starter pack per person.The primary active ingredients in this medication are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). With all Vireo products, a baseline level of CBD is present, since some studies suggest that CBD can reduce unpleasant side effects of THC.Vireo Green products are balanced, with equal amounts of THC and CBD.THC: 50 mg/cartridgeCBD: 50 mg/cartridgeVireo Yellow products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD.THC: 85.6 mg/cartridgeCBD : 14.4 mg/cartridgeVireo Red products are predominantly THC, with a small component of CBD.THC: 95 mg/cartridgeCBD : 5 mg/cartridge

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3.8 stars

First MMJ Experience

I really liked the idea here. Low mix CBD:THC, and a medium & high THC. I got my for $80 at RISE. It also came with a battery and charger. Good choice if you don't have a battery yet, and if you are looking to see how different strengths affect you. Biggest down side is that you get 250 ml in each. I guess 250 ml means 2 drops. But now I know for more substantial purchases in the future. Would recommend for beginners and no one else.

Just not worth it

I suppose it's my fault for not doing more thorough research at the time, but I purchased this kit hoping to get a little more than just a tiny drop out of each cartridge but was left very disappointed. Absolutely outrageous for what you are getting, and remember, no battery included. This may sound like crazy talk, but I think it would just be more helpful to give new patients this kit for free so they can test the different types without wasting money that could be spent on a regular cartridge. There's no way Vireo could lose any money with how little they are filling, probably with a squeeze dropper mind you, in to these. Also, it's worth noting that all of the oils arrived very dark in color. Almost zero transparency whatsoever. There are various factors that could cause this I am sure, but I certainly hope they were not lying around in sunlight somewhere. All in all, just doesn't seem worth the price to me. Still give it a go if you're interested and not sure which type of oil will work best for you, but manage your expectations when buying this kit and put some money to the side for a battery and inevitably, your second purchase since the amount of product you get here is so small.

Good for a small taste of each

Red-Jack Herer Yellow- Granddaddy Purp Green-OG Kush The cartridges seemed a pretty good quality. Although only one worked with the battery. The cartridges still worked on my other push button battery’s. I have other .5g cartridges that have lasted a month. These don’t appear to have the same amount of product in them as the others I have purchased and they didn’t last but half the amount of time. I got the kit for $80...still a good deal though. This last little bit is a common complaint of mine with the current industry: Please start labeling your products with a full flavor and terpenoid profile. The reason is simple. We’re all looking for certain characteristics of our products. Whether it’s for insomnia, energy, appetite, etc... but if it’s not listed, then we buy our regular “go to”..which most likely isn’t your new product. I truly believe that the company that provides the most information will win. If information isn’t your thing, then start offering a taster pack of 10-.1g


when can we expect this available to Ohio?

Great for noobs

I started with this as my first Vireo product. I was using Etain before which I also liked but this variety was helpful to find what worked. Red is my favorite
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