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About Us

Sassy Vape™ 🦄 - 1st Cannabis Brand Agency in Canada! Vape Queen™ 👑 💨 - 1st Canadian Dispensary + Head Shop + Vape Shop + Lifestyle Boutique ALL-in-ONE We call ourselves an #apothecary & #boutique ~ Lifestyle fit for a King & Queen! #CannabisCurator #EdibleConnoisseur #advocate #harmreduction #medicalmarijuana #OneLove #NamasteBitches #AllHailtheQueen #pinupbody #tattooedwoman #PlatinumBlondeLife #sexybitch #sassy #longnailsdontcare #originalgangsta #bossbitch

Who IS the Vape Queen™? the Vape Queen™ exists to holistically curate an expanded array of unique & exceptional products to set us apart from the competition. It’s not just a brand with a mission statement and a vision and goals. It is also me – it is who I am. I AM the (self-appointed) Vape Queen™. Yes, I’ve filed my trademark is Canada, the US and International and YES, I deserve the title. Here’s why……. I started like everyone did in my era – smoking joints, pipes and bongs. Gosh I remember a house party where we used the double sink, empty 2L pop bottles and hosing to create mega-water bongs. But as soon as I had money I invested in the Volcano. I used that as my primary delivery method until concentrates and edibles started creeping into the marketplace. Then once I discovered dabbing I was completely converted to concentrates. I preferred vaporizing or eating concentrates. Not only did the combination work best for me it allowed me to have a long effect and controlled dosage (edible) and then something for the breakthrough moments when it was needed. But the Volcano and “Dabbing” aren’t portable. And since I’m bipolar I’m always on the go. I needed portability and it had to be guaranteed 100% vaporization and as clean of an extraction process as possible. Even Dabbing at home I wasn’t so keen for anymore – I was concerned about the fumes from the torch. So, when torch less dabbing was available that was great at home. But I still needed a way to consume my favourite concentrates on the go and I ended up testing every vaporizer made for concentrates on the market. I ran them through the wringer and came up with three clear top-tier brands and I have the most amazing “go-bag” you would dream of. And for girls, of course it is totally DIVA 100%. Wait till you see what I’ve got coming for both the Queens and Kings out there! You are going to love this one-of-a-kind personally commissioned works of art that are also a vape must-have! Trust me, the wait will be worth it! So yes, I know my stuff and I have a long-time reputation in both my personal and professional life and a lot of that is crossover. This is who I am. I am: Sassy | Unique | Modern I’ve created the very FIRST Apothecary & Vaping Boutique in Canada! - Vape Queen™.ca – Why it’s the FIRST you ask? Because I have taken a “dispensary”, a “headshop” and a “vape shop” and combined them altogether with a stance that we are 100% Anti-Smoking. You will not be able to purchase flower or any portable vaporizer that has any percentage of combustion. The only product (and accessories) correlated to flower on our site is the Volcano Vaporizer. You will also not find any notation of increased clouds or vapor, talk about cloud chasing or picking up 0 mg e-juice because vaping is a fad or the “cool” thing to do. I believe 100% in vaping as a HARM REDUCTION TOOL ONLY and in my personal case I use vaping to consume my medicine and my nicotine. I used my vaporizer for e-juice to successfully quit smoking cigarettes. So, I also believe you shouldn’t even call the device an “e-cigarette”. It is NOT a cigarette nor related to tobacco and/or cigarettes in any way. The device is ANYTHING else – a mod, a vape, a vaporizer, vape stick – whatever you like – just NOT anything with “cigarette” in it. I promote being a 100% #SMOKEFREEVAPER and I am proud that I am. I will ONLY sell 0mg strength for those who are continuing to vape as a harm reduction tool that no longer require nicotine but still need to have the hand motion and the hand-to-mouth motion. As an ex-smoker, I Get IT! So, if you need it I can most certainly get it in ANY juice I carry! I can even do custom strengths in a lot of the lines I carry so don’t hesitate to ask. Ask me all the questions. I may not have every answer for you but I can get it between my network of long time mentors and friends in both the cannabis and vaping industries. We can learn together – even better! I’m here to help you, to learn and share what I know with you and show the world why this is all a wonderful thing and to not be scared. I’ve also created the very FIRST Premium Cannabis Brand Agency in Canada! - Sassy Vape™.com We do a lot at the agency so I won’t get into it here but if you are a Brand Owner and would like to talk – I’m always available. I’m “almost 40” (the new 20), feisty and a Queen Bee in Every Way. I’m happily married with three little Yorkies and Russian Toy Terrier and we just had to say good bye to our big and beautiful Black Cat. I’m a Downtown Woman – literally in the heart of the 4th Largest City in North America! I’m beautiful and classy – but still very sassy. I’m a lover but I’m also a fighter for what I am passionate about and everything I do. I’m a perfectionist and determined to make sure every experience with YOU makes YOU happy! Your happiness is what I strive for. I’ve been enjoying the medicinal benefits of THC & CBD and I’ve also been curating the handcrafted, premium products [manufactured in Canada by companies that have spent years and millions into R&D (research & development)]. I am a veritable concentrate and edible connoisseur – and have been vaping THC/CBD for 25 years. I’m an entrepreneur with my first registered business venture at the age of 19 for 19+ years I’m still going strong.

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October 6th, 2017

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First-Time Patients

You will be required to visit our site and create an account and follow FIRST TIME procedures. You will be invoiced through the process and will have multiple options to pay upon checkout.

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