Premium Disposable Vape Pen - Northern Lights


This disposable vapor pen comes pre-charged and pre-loaded with 300 MG of Premium Cannabis Oil, testing at ~80% THC and 90%+ total cannabinoids. The ultimate choice for potent and discreet vaping.


Indica | A classic pure indica, this strain is body-high focused and is frequently recommended for patients suffering from chronic pain or insomnia.

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3.5 stars

Just get the Cartlidges

I was hopefully using it for a weekend but the battery died on me halfway thru Saturday night it dided I got it Friday night.

Battery Died before 1/2 of E-Cig Oil Depleted. :(

I have been buying Alpine for well over a year, typically quality products that I buy often, but these disposable vapor e-cigs are FAULTY. This was my first time buying the disposable e-cigs, only because the screw-on cartridges from Alpine were sold out. I spent $20 more than normal and purchased (2) 0.5g e-cigs for $70 from Bud Kingz in lieu of my normal 1g Alpine Northern Lights screw-on. Sadly, halfway through BOTH e-cigs, the battery died *before* half of the e-cig THC oil even depleted. That means OVER 0.5 grams went to WASTE because the batteries died first.... yes BATTERIES... it happened on TWO of your e-cigs. I contacted Bud Kingz and they refused to refund or replace the cartridges. I even spoke with the dispensary owner Sam, who contacted his Alpine rep and was told that Alpine wouldn't refund or credit him for the faulty goods, so therefore he couldn't and wouldn’t replace or refund me. He said he would email in to Alpine again for additional support on it, but it could take a few weeks and there was no promise they would do anything. REALLY, a few weeks? I bought these yesterday from you. Both died. C'mon! These are bad business practices and not how loyal customers should be treated. I feel ripped off and disappointed in Alpine and Bud Kingz. Both the brand and dispensary may never see my business ever again if this is the kind of product and customer service they offer. The dispensary had the opportunity to fix the issue multiple times, across conversations with their manager and owner, who I respectfully explained the situation to multiple times. Now, I am forced to do something I hate doing...leaving bad reviews. It's my last resort but I refuse to be treated poorly or be scammed by faulty products and businesses that don't take responsibility. Disappointed. Can someone at Alpine a) make this right by refunding me for the faulty goods or replacing for normal cartridges alone (without battery), and b) take these vapor cartridges OFF the market because they are obviously having battery issues. Thank you.

Wrong picture

Change your pictures so people don’t think northern is a hybrid!
Alpine Vapor
Thank you so much for alerting us to this issue! We are working on it!
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Love It!

Love the new Alpine disposable Northern Lights vape pen!!! One puff and you feel it. More milligrams in the newer pens too. Great Indica dispoable vape. I definitely recommend this one.
Alpine Vapor
Thank you so much for your support!
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