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Creates an effervescent mind and body, stimulating conversation, intimacy and beyond. || Cultivated with purified water and organic pest management, our ultra-premium flower is grown in customized environments based on stage and strain. We flush, dry, and cure for over 30 days. We pick by stem, trim by hand, and never touch the flower. This 1/8th oz of premium virgin cannabis comes in our signature orange box, complete with hempwick, and a humidifier pack to make your flower last 30 days longer.

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4.6 stars


super good high

Unity thanks I

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Top Smoke Period.

Canndescent Connect is the best for making love and just enjoying life. All good, no bad.

A must try with friends

We bought the flight and connect was the first of the 5 we tried. We smoke from time to time so it’s easier for us to just do the pre-rolled and we think it’s worth it. The connect was awesome for us and exactly what we were looking for, this might be our go to joint but plan to try them all out! We laughed and had a great evening with a full body high and a bit of a head high but not overwhelming. I know it affects everyone different but for my GF and I, it was an awesome experience!

gotta stick up for this awesome company

Wtf? dark ash dude? if you knew anything about this company you wouldn't leave a bad review on their page because i can tell you for a fact you got the Ol' Switcheroo. you need to be pissing and moaning to your dispensary for selling counterfeit. Canndescent is grown to perfection every time and never with the gnarly chemicals you speak of. this company is run specifically to thwart out even the possibility of that getting through to you even if they did grow it. between harvest and packaging they go through multiple quality checks and if it doesn't pass the look, feel, smell, smoke standards they have or fails at the lab it's sent back. so even if they did grow it, trim it, dry it, cure it the lab would have failed it and therefore legally cannot be used unless the problem is fixed but being grown with chems as you claim can't be fixed so it would have gone to the trash before it got a chance to be finally packaged and shipped. i love this company and how it's run. worth every cent

had the darkest looking ash I've ever seen. 👎

looks good, but pure chemical

Connected to the Omniverse

Perfect flower for meditation, stretching and yoga. A lovely full rounded body experience.

Best smoke I've seen in a while

This strain is so good. Dense buds with a great aroma and a strong effect. A must try if you have not already.


This flower rocked and totally delivered. Super smooth smoke, perfectly cured, great high. I wasn't with my lady, but its definitely made me feel like being around people. Think I found my new favorite flower for hanging with friends.

BF Liked

We picked up create and connect. boyfriend took connect and I took creative. Noticed him mellow out and he was more focused on our time than work.

CONNECT : instant pick me up!

CONNECT :Yes it does as it says. Within seconds of my first puff I felt the effects in the back of my neck...totally relaxed with a head on, hello world let's do this. Great smoke all around. Burns slow and steady. Aromatic in a day by the lake kind of way. Earthy, light, and alert. That's how it hit me. And my smile showed it for hours. Additional feelings and affects: Energetic, happy, insightful, articulate, conversational yet thoughtful and hopeful. Most impressive was it's ability to help me listen. I thouroughly enjoyed this strain. Instant pick me up in the best possible way.
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