Urban Flavours Delivery - Elk Grove

3.1 stars by 47 reviews
delivery Elk Grove, Californiamedical & recreational
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3.1 stars


It was quick and easy!! Wait time was only 39 mins.. my first time trying them and I’m pleased so far!

To the person taking orders @8pm on friday, 9/20

I ordered through text very plainly and clearly. I sent 5 photos of myself with my id, and my order. I was lied to about the minimum which they eventually admitted was indeed $40 pre tax not $50 pre tax. When told to order through email I again sent my 5 selfies with id and my order. Unfortunately they dont bother to actually check their email, even when they just told a customer to email them the order. Instead of making good on things, they said it was my fault for not texting after emailing. I just assumed a worker was capable of checking their business email without guidance. My bad for assuming they could take an order without me holding their hand. No other delivery service I've used has been this bad, or responded this rudely. You'd think they would want customers, but they've definitely lost this one. Don't order here if you expect to actually receive your order.

Scraping my pipe😩

Made an order around 3 pm yesterday. Waited an hour for a response. Waited two hours for my driver to give Me an ETA. Waited another hour and a half only for someone to call me and tell me that they weren’t the right driver for my area. And that they would call me back. I made an order of $166. I know I’m out of the area. But I always try to make sure I do a big order so it’s worth the drive. I also usually tip pretty well, because it’s out of the way to come out this far. I wish they would’ve just told me they don’t deliver to my area. I would have ordered from my normal spot. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Bad service

Waited for hour and half and still nothing they don’t even let u know when their coming very bad service don’t waste your time there’s other places who deliver within the hour no problem and they actually have a number you can talk to someone not an answering machine .


Fast delivery, excellent customer service and dope product.

urban is garbage

foundation is lazy ...these folks wont even get out the car....

Will be ordering again 👍

Got what i wanted for a good price and was delivered a little early. Mite have found my new fav connect lol.

Urban flavoutd

Always on time!


is it just me or do they never get back at people because Everytime I try and ger something I don't get a response so I think ama report it coz I don't think it's a real club.

That can't be right

I'm not paying 25% in tax on my order. That is just extortion (a $70 Order could easily come to 90$ . if I'm spending $90, I want 90$ worth of product.)

Sub par product. Very unhappy.

For the price they charge their product is terrible. It is C grade at best, and they charge A grade prices. Steer clear of this one.

Quick service

I ordered from Urban Flavours for the first time today. I received quick replies to my texts. All communication was through text, except when the driver called to say he had arrived. Delivery was really quick. He estimated 15 minutes and he arrived closer to 10 minutes. I opened the sealed package to weigh it and it weighed exactly 28 g, exactly what I ordered. Would definitely order again.

not happy with mechanics

my boyfriend just ordered us some of the Citrus Kush when we open the bag it smell like kitchen spices and it did not look like the picture I was really leafy and a lot stems

Seems cool

Seems like a great place great prices on good weed and my friends didn’t even have nothing bad to say he even recommended this place, got an 1oz citrus kush for $75 +25% tax that’s 95 will wrath.

Great place

Not sure why this place has such low reviews. Their prices are more than fair, when i texted for my order they were very friendly with any info they still needed from me.I ordered at 12:30 by 2:30 I had my product. The quality seemed right on for the prices. The delivery driver was very polite and on time from

Horrible wait times.

I placed my order at 9:30PM I should NOT have to cancel the order at 1:00AM because their delivery driver told he “ETA in 15” at 11:50PM. It’s just uncalled for

unclear pricing

the advertisement said $75 for an ounce of a particular marijuana in particular it was called Citrus Kush. and the customer service person quoted me $94. Dazed and Confused. I figured the price would include tax
Urban Flavours Delivery - Elk Grove
Elk Grove
We figured people would read the information on our menu.. 💯 It clearly states 25% tax on all orders 🤷🏾 please keep this in mind next order and I am sure you will be able to find something to fit your budget! 💚
Official Response

great customer service.

They respond right away. also answers all my questions.The products look amazing cant wait to have a bowl.


Great experience so far! 👍


Great weed. Great service. All around good experience.