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Tricann Alternatives

North Berwick, ME - Delivery Only

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North Berwick Delivery - Tricann Alternatives

First-Time Patients

First Time Maine Patients receive FREE KIEF CONE PRE-ROLL with minimum purchase while supplies last. Must have valid Maine State ID. All patients must have valid state ID/DL and State Medical Marijuana Card (Out of State: Must have ME Visitors Pass)


Out of State Patients: Must have valid State ID/DL, Valid State Medical Marijuana Card, and Maine Visitors Pass issued by a Maine Medical Marijuana Doctor.

About Us

Tricann Alternatives is a North Berwick Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


Established in 2013, Tricann Alternatives continues to deliver top-quality meds to North Berwick medical marijuana patients and are committed to providing effective cannabis products at wholesale prices. Tricann Alternatives creates their menu of cannabis products and sends them to MCR Labs for quality assurance. They operate in full compliance with Ballot Question 2 and require medical cannabis patients to have either a registry I.D. card or a physician certification form including non-registered and voluntarily registered patients. The North Berwick delivery team behind Tricann Alternatives is available to assist patients with questions by phone and email.



The founder began developing his line of Tricann Alternative cannabis products with the goal to provide cannabis relief in multiple forms. He began researching and developing effective marijuana strains, topicals, and capsules to assist patients perform daily activities with less discomfort. His mission is ultimately to help patients throughout Maine to discover and utilize the medicinal benefits of marijuana.



Tricann Alternatives works with leading marijuana industry professionals to create their menu of high-quality meds. Their team of experienced cannabis growers perform extensive research to perfect the cultivation process and develop effective top-shelf strains including La Fruit, Critical Romulan, Lemon Garlic OG, Sour D Blueberry, and Charlotte's Web, a hybrid strain with a 1:15 THC/CBD ratio designed to rapidly alleviate pain. Tricann Alternatives specializes in medical-grade cannabis-infused capsules in formulas including extra strength sativa CBD, PM for users suffering from insomnia, and Memory, a non-psychoactive capsule that can be used daily to boost your immune system. Marijuana patients running around North Berwick can medicate on-the-go with Tricann Alternatives’ vape cartridges available in Nebula Haze and CBD containing 30mg of THC and 30mg of CBD. Tricann Alternatives also has a line of balms designed to provide pain relief with healing benefits.   



Tricann Alternatives offers caregiving services to the medical cannabis communities throughout Maine. They provide delivery assistance to North Berwick marijuana patients who do not have the convenience of accessing medical-grade cannabis products from their caregiving dispensary. Tricann Alternatives works with patients on a case-by-case basis and is committed to making timely deliveries by appointments to provide marijuana patients with effective relief.


Service Locations

Tricann Alternatives is a marijuana delivery service based out of North Berwick. They cater to medical marijuana patients in North Berwick, Biddeford, Parsonage Corner, and Tatnic. Tricann Alternatives also extends their services to the cannabis communities surrounding Estes Hill, Highpine, Wells, and Wells Beach.  


Location Information

North Berwick is home to about 5,000 residents and is located in York County, Maine. Visitors strolling through this intimate town can explore local art at Blackbird Studio. With shows changing monthly, Blackbird Studio offers more that local masterpieces from fifteen of Maine’s most notable artists. It is located on a picturesque New England colonial farm on six acres of farmland offering beautiful views of southern Maine and the sandy New Hampshire shores. Appreciating art works up an appetite so stop by Chase Farms to pick up fresh local produce. Since 1774, Richard Sr. and Richard Jr. begins planting in April throughout July to ensure market goers are receiving a fresh supply of vegetables and raises their beef and pork without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. They also have a greenhouse full of springtime plants and offer year-round hay rides.  


8:00am -  4:30pm
8:00am -  4:30pm
8:00am -  4:00pm
8:00am -  4:00pm
8:00am -  4:00pm
Member Since
April 24th, 2017

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Bud Quality
Tricann Alternatives

Awesome joint!

First time going and these guys are great! Insanely low prices is going to make it so much easier to purchase meds on a fixed income like SSI. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.

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First-Time Patients

First Time Maine Patients receive FREE KIEF CONE PRE-ROLL with minimum purchase while supplies last. Must have valid Maine State ID. All patients must have valid state ID/DL and State Medical Marijuana Card (Out of State: Must have ME Visitors Pass)

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