Snowman(3 1/8 for 110)

Berner's Snowman cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant blend with a THC average of 70% that's bred by Wis Khalifa's friend Berner. It is overall amber in scattered hairs and trichomes, with big, lumpy nugs. It tastes similar to Girl Scout Cookies, with a vanilla nuttiness and a savory kick. Its aroma smells just like cookies, with a twist of pungency. Berner's Snowman can treat insomnia, chronic stress, appetite loss, pain, and depression. It's optimal for daytime or evening usage. Type of High Berner's Snowman cannabis strain's high elevates you to a place of happy relaxation that is accompanied by hazy, creative focus. you'll soon turn lazy from the stoniness, and a slight body stone follows, leaving you drowsy and with the munchies. Genetics Breeder: BernerGenetics: Berner's Snowman cannabis strain is a descendent of Girl Scout Cookies  

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