Tangie Cartridge


Developed from the 2013 Cannabis Cup winner, this subtly sweet concentrate features Tangie’s pleasingly delicious citrus taste and fragrance. This celebrated, euphoric sativa has shown effectiveness for pain management and relaxation.

Spliffin Catridges are available in 0.5g or 1g tanks.

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4.4 stars


I was very disappointed with the potency it wasn't strong as I thought it would be even though the package said 87% THC which is pretty high I didn't feel the potency... it took about five rips to at least get something going

least favorite

the high wasn't that strong like I would expect like the other spliffing carts and my cart leaked never happened before

Amazing for the price!

Don't be fooled by the price! This is actually a pretty nice cartridge. For cartridges this cheap, the first thing that would come to concern for me is the cartridge quality but the cartridge quality is good and it hits smooth every time. The cartridge is also very good at consuming most of the oil in it as well (unlike other carts I see like heavy hitters). The packaging is simple but a lot easier to use than other tamper proof packages I have used. As for the oil, Its pretty good. I like the fact That they use c02 to extract their oil. It has a good tangie flavor profile and with one-2 draws I already feel high. Keep it up Spliffin!

yummy taste

YUM YUMMMM, very tasty. it becomes now my fav. Cartridges


these good no leak hit nice

Top notch

Tried the Tangie, was my first experience with spliffin.Very pleased, natural tasting Tangie flavor with no artificial notes to it.Potency was great also.Cheaper than hh carts also! Value/quality, kudos spliffin!

Spliffin Tangie

It’s my favorite spliffin concentrate.


Great flavor, I was also digging the rubber mouth piece it comes with, haven't seen any other cart brands include that. Spliffin is high quality with great taste and high.

Good, not great.

I bought this cartridge after hearing my budtender rave about it. At first I was quite happy with it. The cartridge hit hard, pulled very well and tasted great. While carrying it in my pocket, it unfortunately separated. It was about 3/5ths full. Leaked errywhere. The construction wasn't as it seamed. I definitely appreciated the dual coil set up as it provided long cool hits. However, I didn't appreciate how the bottom chamber (which houses the coils) and base are essentially pressure fit. Also, i didn't like how the clear cylinder was actually plastic. I feel that may have altered the flavor. Other high end cartridges I've used are compression fit. I don't think I'll get one again. Good while it lasted though.

one of my favorites

the taste and potency of these Tangie carts​ are awesome. they are one of my go to carts for sure. ✌😁💨🍯🌲
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