Dante's Fire Cartridge


A new signature varietal from the Spliffin OG line of genetics . Robust, firey bracts produce this OG’s distinct earthy aroma. Superbly potent, with hints of pine and lemon. Dante’s Fire delivers long-lasting, pleasingly relaxing effects.

Spliffin Catridges are available in 0.5g or 1g tanks.

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4.4 stars

heavy hittter

if you wanna feel some hard stuff @$50 . this is the one of course asnd is stronger but more pricey.get this every week donna og, spliffin og and spliffin haze bomb carts

Spliffin tough

This carts hit hard .see people complaining about the potency.trust me any of this flavors is worth your money..$50 clean tested and come in a secure plastic tamper proof.heavyhitter!!!

Really good

good high I was questioning it at first because of that bad review by enemy og but I got pretty high and it lasted me.


Have been smoking for over 20years and I can tell you that this Cartridge isn't worth $55. Nice taste, good effect but didn't last at all!!! Lasted as long as a half gram cart. VERY DISSAPOINTING!! None of these Cartridges are worth the money.

Good cart

Clean carts hit good long effect

Literally fire

Best of spliffins cartridges. My go too. I’ve had heavy hitter bloom brass this is the only cartridge that works every time I hit it. Never leaks always clean would highly recommend this specifically. None of the other names from spliffin do anything at all


I tried this one a few months back but just now thinking about it as I looked at a menu with these guy.. first this its fire. taste of Dante fire was perfect. potency is what they claim on packages. great job after you guys split from alpine. NOW these NEW carts design are one of the best out. I've tried other carts that use these type & they always work great. so props switching out those crap glass ones that do break if dropped just like alpine.

Deep Highs

Appearance: 5/5 : Very elite look with its stainless steel mouthpiece. The oil looks good too/ Clear, color a little lighter than honey. Aroma: 5/5: smells like a forest of lemon trees High: 5/5 : Very deep high. Comes over you in waves and keeps you down. Quality:5/5: 70% THC. very potent. Flavor: great mouth feel. Steel mouthpiece feels good. Value: 5/5. Bought from Blum Oakland during a buy one get one free. Great value.
Brooklyn Est1831

Favorite Spliffin

Great for knocking the fuck out

Tasted Great!

I was skeptical of Spliffin at first because I'd heard about leaks in their cartridges. I finally picked up a Dante's Fire 0.5mL while it was on sale at my local dispensary in South Bay, and I have to say, great call. It had a strong indica taste with some fruity tones. Definitely some pine in there for sure. And it. was. STRONG.

FIRE (pun intended)

Dante's Fire is a fantastic varietal. It tasted great and got my friends and I into a deep, pleasant high. We'll be coming back for seconds.
Wally Schmidt

Good Shit

My favorite Spllifin Varietal so far. Will definitely come back for more!

Yes please.

This was delicious and put me in such a great headspace. Will definitely continue to try more.


I was hoping this cartridge was going to as good as my bud tender vouched for but unfortunately, i got a gram of the Dante's Fire from Delta 9 in Wilmington and it leaked through the bottom where its connected to the battery. I don't hold it in any funky positions and i carried some Alpine Live Resin as well and those are in perfect condition so i can only assume that its a manufacturers issue. The two have virtually identical looking cartridges so from that, Spliffin is using poor materials or something. I would give Alpine 5 stars and Dante's Fire 1 star only because when it did hit the first day, it was solid. Too bad people use these products for longevity so i would not recommend this! do not purchase, LEAKS are bound to happen. Luckily there was a sale on them for $50 that day but damn, i can see why! Faulty products!
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