Paris OG


Paris OG signature strain is, well, you guess it, Paris OG! A cross between Headband and Lemon OG Kush, this Indica flower’s relaxing properties will have you thinking you’re chilling in the city of love itself. Earthy pine scents permeate off the dense buds, subtly hinting at the sweet and sour lemon flavors with hidden pine undertones. One of the most sedating Indica on the market, this flower’s numbing powers help relax muscles and relieve pain with remarkable effectiveness. Just make sure you don’t have anywhere to go, as serious couchlock will most likely occur. Don’t miss out on Paris OG’s Paris OG!

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4.4 stars

Not the same Paris

I was not impressed by the current batches this team is producing. 8ths filled with popcorn bud. Harsh taste and ruff smoke. I was a huge fan of this brand however I am worried they are going the way of many other brands.

best smoke

this strain crazy strong me likes def a reapeat

One of the best Strains I've ever smoked

So it was more expensive than the house brands, but I wanted to give it a shot. I'm extremely glad that I did! Very smooth to smoke. Flavor was good. No coughing. It hit pretty quickly, but evolved as time went by. At first, I felt like I was dreaming. I was alert and found it easy to follow along, but auditory enhancements happened and I has some small visuals. Aftee about 5 minutes, I felt as if I was floating and then a great body high set in. I was relaxed and happy and laughed at numerous parts of Office Space. As the nigh progressed, I had some amazing sex and then had a great night sleep. No anxiety, no paranoia. 10/10.

Gassy earthy stinky

Similar to the spacewalker OG Soon as u open the pack u get that hard hitting og stink in ur face. Very gassy tasting. Good flush nice sized nuggs not the denseist of buds but its been grown well and it absolutley bakes you. Dunno where people are getting there packs from which contain seeds but yeh defo need to try this strain.

Good OG but..

I’ve had this twice and while I’ve never had an issue with Louis, this has come almost on the damper side and with seeds last time😳. I guess that can be a good thing. Still not as properly finished.

Sealed 1/8 pack

Has a floral soapy smell. Nugs a bit larfy with lots of tiny water leaves intermingled. It also tastes fairly meh. For a hard to find brand name it was a big disappointment. I was fairly convinced I have had this brand paris og in the past but this was top dollar disappointment. Maybe it was old (?)

Thumb on the scale!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the finest herb on the market but!! The last 4 packs I bought weighed 3.4 grams on my electronic scale and on my OHAUS triple beam. no place else is short and weighs what it should. How is it that you are always short by at least a tenth of a gram. Get your scale right and you would have 5 stars all day long!!


I heard a lot of hype around the Paris packs for a while now. Came across some French Cookies, sealed in pack and all. Firstly, why the hell are there seeds in the bud?! I picked out 3 seeds when grinding up a nug from a 3.5g pack. While the effects were decent, it still feels like a scam that you market yourselves as a high end supplier with all this fancy packaging and wording, but the bud has seeds in it.

Paris OG

Super gassy, dense and clean smoke 10/10 for me :)))) defo worth a try

Very fire OG

I was very pleased when I got to try this OG. It's OG flavor is really top notch, and the heaviness of the strain is really a delight.
Og Jose

🔥🔥🔥Paris Og🔥🔥🔥

Paris Og is straight 🔥🔥🔥 good flavor super potent smells amazing 💯👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
chris morada

some of the best flowers around

Been smoking on Paris OG for a few years and it never disappoints. Great taste, with a side of couch lock. Consistency is always there, especially since they started pre packaging there 8ths

fire bud


It's not worth $55

It's a good OG but it's definitely not the best named brand, all the Los Angeles kush strains are way better, crown genetics, kush co, north country farms, all way better than anything Paris has and I really don't see how they justify being more expensive than these other companies, I guess it's just down to marketing but anytime I've tried the Paris strains I have not been impressed, nothing about their strains really stands out and their GG straight sucks, the best they have is the king Louie


💎Paris OG is gassed out..! A Must try if you haven't already. ⛽🔥🍁🍃🍃😥💨💨
Deja Vinn

Paris OG by Paris 🔥

Absolutely hands down the dankest buds they grow. best for couch locked moments. definitely one of their best grow. the flavors you get are outstanding! thank you Paris OG for bringing the fire to us.
William F

Paris og

Great tasting strain nice big nugs...Sticky yes stinky yes heavy high yes pain relief yes as strong as the hardcore og almost lol but you can't go wrong with this strain tight nugs💯

Paris OG is amazing

I don't smell or taste very many flavors because of sinus issues. Paris OG smells and tastes amazing to me. I feel it after the first toke. Great meds. Wish it was more available. Great work guys!


Is there someone in the Adelaide hills that can sell some weed?


And I'm new just join 😁🤷🏻‍♂️
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