INDICA ProTab (25mg THC each, 250mg THC total)


A calming high, designed to relax your body. 25 mg of THC, infused with terpenoids. Swallow orally with liquid. To start with 12.5 mg, split ProTab in half with fingers. 

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4.5 stars

great product

I just got all 3 strains of these and tried the indica today. Began w 1/4 tab, then 1/2. Love how you can adjust the dose and the high is just right. Great for body pain/ tensions...though it takes about 45 mins to take effect. Will absolutely order again as I like there's no sugar (unlike the gummies) which helps if diabetic issues are a concern. Looking forward to trying other strains.

great way in ingest your cannabis.

these pills are 25mg and faster working than some others

Love this product

Packaging is great, pills are wonderful, good product.

Just right for 5 hours of intense relief

Power user here. Been testing doses, brands and forms. While the chocolates are easily downed, the DO raise your blood sugar if diabetic. And you can’t go by off-brand “high” dose ( like 1000 mg ) syrups that leaving you wondering 1000 mg of what? I just didn’t feel it. These tabs are smaller than breath mints, and go down in one easy gulp. Perfect dose on an empty stomach for a 90 minute delayed, 4 to 5 hour ride of exceedingly clean THC relief.

Hello old friend

Great meds.awesome body buzz. Good for horizontal mombo.

Headache & buzzed aftermath. Not a good sleep aid

I took half tablet before I go to bed around midnight, I did feel sleep but woke up at 1:30 didn’t really helped the insomnia, so I took other half around 2:30 and caused cotton mouth, thirst, drinking and bathroom. So that become a flip effect. Finally feel sleep around 5 but then knocked up since 8 and was buzzed and have hangover feeling, mild headache the whole day and have to cancel my 11 am meeting due to heavy buzzed. So I don’t know maybe half of pill and after I consumed own organic sleep time and cut off time should be 2 am. But I don’t like it in general.
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