The Irie Tree

4.7 stars by 122 reviews
delivery New Haven, Michiganmedical
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4.7 stars

the best delivery service

awesome RSO and edibles. friendly, professional, and good product

Decent enough

I wish they had different shelf’s of flower most the stuff they have while it’s not bad it’s not quite potent enough for me. Service was great tho friendly phone process and friendly driver who was here very timely
megan g


Excellent flower! Amazing delivery!

my people.

only ones I'll ever need. love the bud and people. never any problem..

Great service!

Every time I order they never disappoint! And the free gift with every purchase is a great way to keep me coming back. Only delivery service I use!


love the medicine (bud) from this wonderful place. and the last two drivers are the best (chris)... im gonna keepadding tp this review since i cannot post other reviews, this place understands low budjet.. they deliver quanity whether small or low, and the customer service on the phone is absolutely the best so far.

the best so far

very courteous gave me dog treats for My Dawgs very nice meds good prices would definitely be back and the time was amazing they estimated an hour and they were at my house in like 25 minutes

very professional and knowledgeable

I ordered and recieved my delivery in under 30 minutes and my driver was absolutely awesome! I will order from here whenever I can , great service and great product. I love that there is a no minimum, I can spend 15 and pay 20 for the order. Most places require a $50 minimum and thankfully the Irie Tree does not. never know when you might need a quick bag. and they're always willing to work with you! Great people


Seemed professional has enough decent reviews but bud is freaking terrible

A little disappointed

Haven’t ordered in a while as they never seem to have as many deals going on as other services do and honestly I hate that they charge such a high delivery fee. It’s the main reason I stopped ordering. But I decided to order yesterday because they are extremely close to me and I figured delivery time would be fairly fast. Delivery was fast they only took about an hour, but I’m a little disappointed in the product I received. The bud I received is basically small nugs, it’s incredibly small and very weak. I can’t find any information online so I asked for help they didn’t really offer any information on the thc content, etc. I bought a few editables. Every one is hard, stale, not very potent, and incredibly hard to eat. I’m very disappointed, I loved irie tree when I first got my card but I wasted $80 on nothing, even the free Pre roll was stale and burned up in a minute 🤦🏼‍♀️😔. Please fix your editables, they were my main reason to chose irie tree, you guys had such great editables. 😔

Great service and product!

I really love The Irie Tree! Everyone is very kind and they are quick! I appreciate being notified when they are close by too! Definitely my go to delivery service!

Great bud great edibles

First time ordering from a delivery service, made it very easy for me and even gave me a free edible and free gram as it was my first time, I bought the 007 and two of the 200mg cookies and was high as hell, good product and will be ordering again

never a bad experience

I haven't had any issues at all with my experiences with Irie Tree. When I call, they are helpful and kind. they delivery people have always been great, The last one even had me laughing, really made my day. I have also had no issues at all with the products. Wonderful smoke, and edibles, and their RSO, is very good.

Great service

They’re always friendly and helpful with advice, to go along with the good products they have. Drivers are great too, Chris is one of the coolest.

Delivery guy Chris

Never have any issues with him he’s a great guy pretty friendly I would have to say thanks Chris ur great man🔥🔥💯💯

Fast Good Service

they were awesome on time and they have that fire definitely be back again

bro honestly

I've never encountered a delivery service like this one always less then a hour doesn't have a minimum witch already sold me the delivery fee kinda wack but if I get a gram for 20 donation run it man fr fr I love these guys amazing quality and they never do you wrong always my go to service

absolutely amazing

I wish I could leave a 10 star rating because these people are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! They have great quality product and always offering great deals. I have used them many times and to be honest they're the only people I continue to go through. they have helped me in times of need and are always there when I call with perfect customer service.. I love these guys you must MUST try them as you will be greatly satisfied. THANK YOU IRIE TREE

they truly care about you

very fast delivery. I knew they cared when I reached out to them concerned that the cannabis wasn't helping my symptoms. without hesitation they sent a driver out to swap and were sincere about it.

Needs an awards!

Best response times delivery times and deals. They work with you based on what you need and provide excellent products and knowledge about the products. Cannot recommend these guys enough. God D*mn this some good sh*t