NANO5 Sunrise 25:1 CBD/THC 15ml Sublingual

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Sunrise is not just for the morning. This is the blend for consumers seeking high CBD for a calming effect while simultaneously reducing inflammation and pain.


15ML BOTTLE MG - 112.5 CBD - 4.5 THC

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4 years ago
5 stars

Testing clean... using for chronic pain

Sunrise and Medfree Factor 5 ( 5 natural synergistic anti inflammatory ingredients) is working!!!...Finally found this CBD product that is helping relieve pain and create a calming effect after trying several pain managment drugs from the Dr's. My wife was ready to divorce me after trying to deal with my pain using Tramadol, Neurontin ( Gabapentin), Flexoril, Hydrocodone, Mobic, Oral steroid pack and epidurals. Since I work in the medical field and can be screened I needed a product where I would not test positive and I've been trying other CBD products. I started using a Vape because I heard it had faster effects and was more effective. It was convenient but I tested positive after using for 1 day. Now using Sunderstorm Scientific Sunrise CBD 3 days and I was so happy to test clean using a home urine test from Amazon. My wife was looking at me last night suspiciously like I've been getting relief from smoking again because I was truly happy again interacting with the kids with a sense of humor again. So glad I'm testing clean and it's working. I use to wake up 5X a night and was getting sleep deprivation. Now after 9 mo of struggling and limiting all activity except walking I may start golfing with my son again!
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