Rockstar by COTC

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Rockstar is an indica flower bred by Bonguru Beans. With chosen parents Rockbud and Sensi star, this strain is the star of the show! Rockstar's colas are compact to the touch and light, and yellowish green to the eye. This strain produces a spicey grape aroma, but leaves an earth-like citrus taste. Alpha-pinene and beta-pinene both domninant this strain's terpene profile, and because these terpenes are known to help aid memory loss from THC, it's possible to indulge in extra large doses! Motley Crue would be impressed! Rockstar can also offer medinical benefits such as pain relief, muscle spasms, and nausea. It gives you a completely relaxed, yet alert effect making this strain a perfect match for all the Rockstars out there!

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