The Chron Dons

4.1 stars by 203 reviews
delivery Niagara Falls, Ontariomedical & recreational
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4.1 stars

I have been ordering from here for a year

If you no what you are buying and get 300 deal you can’t beat it anywhere on this app just need to learn what’s good and what’s not good don’t go all in on the cheapest stuff because ITS CHEAP you get what you pay for .

Unbelievable P.o.S.

so I was skeptical until they deleted the one person's review, so now I am sure they are knowingly selling Counterfeit knockoff Phyto shatter . I found out why I can't sleep and have been having bad headaches lately. I've thrown hundreds down the drain in the last 3 cheques on fake Phyto shatter, just thinking the last was a bad batch, so now I have nothing to medicate for the next week and a half and I am livid, I still have 3 grams, but the more I smoke, the worse my condition gets, Haven't been able to sleep in two nights, even working full shifts. To anyone who wants to see, Here's the link,and at the bottom there is a picture of the shatter and you will know right away that you are being swindled: future4200. com/t/fake-shatter-pine-resin-cut-hit-canada/44648/41


was told to wait 2-4 hours after 3 hours I was told they didnt have half of my order in stock 6 hours later the order arrived with expired product and one wrong item...

Confusing & slow

Ordered some phyto. Got it 4 hours later around 1130pm after a lot of text confusion. Asked for sativa/hybrid was told no problem. Got a indica (jolly rancher) instead. Took a hit it tasted like chemical & bubblee black smode. No high. No exchnages

hands down the best on weedmaps

I've used the chron Don's many times simply for thier un beatable deal on phyto, they're friendly and quick to respond. Best of all they will take care of their regular customers, I can happily recommend them for any of your cannabis needs. Thanks again chron Don's!!

great product

product was better than expected, I'm extremely satisfied

Great prices and on time

Ordered from here 2-3 times now and never disappointed. Drivers are super friendly and always on time.


Ordered GSC.. not the best for the price. Second time ordering and I’ve been disappointed on the bud.

I’m done with this place

Photos of the wedding cake pie don’t match what I got. I sent pictures back to them. They don’t care and got no response. It’s sticky and not dense. It smells meh but for 150? Hell no. I feel ripped off. Thanks for not even offering to exchange it even if I had to pay more.

crap shatter

ordered 5 bags shatter and they were all totally crumbled and powder like

Kickass product and price

Was feeling the need to get me some weed, so I called up the Dons and got me some boombastic chrons. This is a delivery service you can rely on and trust that they know their shiznac. You might have a bit of a wait at times, but the quality is always there. When they roll up, I get so stoked because I know I'm bout to get blitted. They have always quoted me 1-4hrs and they are usually on the ball and to my place in less than that, and I always get proper notice of the drivers arrival. Much respect to the Chron Don's crew! 🍻

Great herb and great service

These guys are my goto's for herb. I noticed the $75 OZ is gone, but I like the $100 OZ of Fire OG as its replacement when its available. I also like the BlackBerry and Black Diamond (todays order was Black Diamond). The person taking the orders is pleasant, and the drivers are kickass. Normally I get told 1-4hrs (due to how busy it can get), but 75% of the time I have it in 1-3hrs, and theres been a few times that I have got the order in even less than that. Chron Dons will forever be my company of choice!

no more 75$ oz till today

wow they have some good deals going to see what the new 75$ oz is like today!

Shitty weed

Don’t order the fire Og it’s definitely not the same as shown in pic . It’s brown dirt weed!! Lost a good customer

Bad service

Called and was told to text order and address. Been an hour since I texted for an oz. They say fast service but it’s not at all. Disappointed.

awesome people awesome product

good people good product comes at a decent time very good deals

Worst delivery and customer service

This is the number 1 worst delivery service I ever used. Ordered a few moonrock joints and waited over 3 hours and they never came, when I ordered them they said it would be “1-3 hour wait or sooner” after 3 hours I messaged them and they said “he will be there in about 30 min” after 45 min I messaged them again and they said “sorry driver is no longer in the area”. Don’t waste your time here

Great service

Great products great prices little long wait time but what can you do ! Friendly staff thanks again

bit of a wait, but totally worth it

great prices delivery can be a bit of a wait but that's ok, drivers are friendly and the bud is amazing can't ask for better, this is my go to now

love this place

they provide a great product, prices and service. they are my go to!