The CannaBus 780

4.9 stars by 66 reviews
delivery Edmonton, ABmedical & recreational
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4.9 stars

Order mendo breathe

Product was good order mendo breath. Nice buds. Only reasons giving 4 stars is because I waited 4 hours to receive my herbs. I’d recommend just plan ahead.
The CannaBus 780
well if wait time is the only thing we didn't get 5 stars on our apologies we always try to get orders completed within 1-3 hours depending on time of day. my driver had to get his tires re torked as he got rearended yesterday and had to get 2 new front tires. we appreciate your feed back have a great night hopefully we can get to you sooner with your next purchase. Thanks again for using the cannabus we appreciate your business.
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By far the best

Still by far the best on this website i don’t see that changing. Drivers can be a bit headly but guy running it is solid. Prices have always been the best for what the quality is and they’ve never been about fucking people over on prices. They also don’t do delivery fee crap unless your far enough away that its justified.

Sweet sticky buds

Very knowledgeable helpful staff, my go to delivery for dank sticky buds and characteristics I look for in products. As an aficionado of marijuana I would recommend this place as your go to place for sweet leaf amen

My all time favourite

I’ve been a loyal customer since they’ve pretty much opened, I have nothing but good things to say! The owner really cares about his business and customers, and they always go the extra mile to help get my orders to me within my schedule ! The product is the best on Weedmaps , the quality of the bud is always on point, always exactly as described and they don’t overcharge like most places on here! I will always keep coming back , I never want to buy weed or shatter anywhere else ! As for the one bad review about the shatter - they had a bad shipment that EVERYONE on weedmaps got , and immediately removed their stock , took it off the menu and when I received one that was left by mistake someone was sent right away to dispose of it (very professionally apologized) and exchange it for any kind I wanted , and it was literally only one out of all the grams I got. I would order again, and again and again because they stand behind their business and so do I !!

high af

always have the type of strain I need. loved the stuff from the very first order I placed with Cannabus. love the product and will continue to keep coming back for more!

Master grower

Best company on Weedmaps bar none from ordering to time frame and product this product is fire like better then anything I’ve ever had from the maps thanks again cannabus keep up the great work.

Shatter product (Pine gum resin?)

I have been getting a ton of weed and shatter every week whenever I can which is almost everyday for the cannabus, watch out for the shatter products, I had mine all look and smell the same after buying 3g for 100$ which I believe is to be pine gum resin (which is light in colour and has the same distinctive properties as shatter;but it creates more of a dust and is bad on the lungs” after viewing Facebook posts of people having the same problem I have come to say: “BE WARY OF SHATTER PRODUCTS SINCE THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR A WHILE NOW” I cannot confirm what I smoked but after smoking this “shatter” I have been coughing up blood and a yellow/green mucus. I only smoke weed and shatter and have been for 7 years and never had this problem before and I go threw an oz of weed every 2 weeks. Shatter is my go to when I take a break off weed.
The CannaBus 780
Nice try Goof we pulled all of our shatter off our menu that was new as we had complaints about the product we haven't had shatter for days other then the 6 grams we have left from an old batch. Everyone got stuffed by some supplier in Vancouver as your well aware we don't manufacture the product we purchase from wholesalers like everyone else WE FIND IT FUNNY YOU FOLLOW HERB OUTLET AND DUBER KUSH IS YOUR FAVOURITE. So to the competitor that's trying to hurt our rating go F@@K YOURSELF I'm tired of these goofs trying to be that low to hurt our ratings if this was a real client of ours they know we are the only company that has a full money back guarantee on our products. AND WHOEVER THIS IS BE AWARE WE WILL BE REPORTING YOU FOR FALSE CLAIMS GOOF.
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5 star service and product

I've ordered through these guys a handful of times now. My product always comes in less than 2 hours even during their peak business hours. The quality is in line with all the top boutique cannabis companies, only the prices and service are significantly better.

5 star.

Quick, effective communication, friendly, great product, and very well priced. For a first time buyer I had a phenomenal experience and will be looking forward to the next order.

AAAA Mendo Breath

Great communication and customer service. Friendly and punctual delivery. Truly some of the best bud I’ve had in a long time. I will order again and tell all of my stoner pals!


I have ordered nothing but WM delivery for the last few months and out of the six delivery companies in the north side of the city. I have been very disappointed with the competition. Luckily I stumbled upon Canna Buss I can confidently say I have now found my new #1!!! Unlike the others, everything arrives within time stated. Always arrives exactly as ordered. No surprise subs or anything missing. Always top shelf flower. Compassionately priced and costumer focused. Honestly shocked!!! Just knowing I don’t have to worry about what and when is a huge relief. And not needing to stress about wrong product, late delivery (or not at all), missing product or trying to track down a damn delivery person. I can’t go on enough... I’m sold. Highly recommend the flower...Walter white, King tut and Strawberry ice for day use (Sativa dom) And gelato and mendo breath for night/indica zzz. I’m telling everyone ;)


ABS do absolutely stunning service excellent product excellent deals I'd recommend this for anybody

Tora Bora

Top notch customer service, top notch product. Everything about these guys is top notch!

The best in Edmonton

Have had excellent service every time I’ve ordered from them, quick delivery times and great bud. 👍👍👍

best delivery service available

these guys are awesome the owner is a super nice guy had a tiny issue with a bag but he took care of it ten fold worked out in my favor by far way better than any HERB OUTLET with them I felt totally ripped off and the owners couldn't have cared less not these guys my go to everytime from now on

1st Purchase Exceeded Expectations

Quality shatter with zero smell of butane what so ever. Tastes like quality terps and is very clear. Delivery and setup is very simple and fast. 1st Time ever purchasing, around 9pm and had shatter within an hour! Competing with street prices aswell!

Very pleased.

Decided to move on from my previous delivery service. Very glad I did. Owner really took care of me out in Spruce Grove, showing what a little volume can do. Not much over 3 hours later, a tidy amount of my favorite weed in the world (Blueberry) hit the door. Great driver, knew the area well (always tip your drivers). Great price, best in the city. Nice weed, well trimmed, a touch dry but just a touch. Perfect for use in my volcano. I am in deep research on it and it is great, both medicinally (extreme anxiety problems) and recreational (British TV time). One big 60 year old thumb up for 780. I'll be back, bout a month or so.

No Complaints

Aside from being quick to reply, confirm and deliver... (fricken awesome), they're like your neighborhood dealer! So chill and personable 😁 Great service and looking forward to my next purchase!

Above & Beyond. Stand up peeps

The most reliable and chill service in Edmonton. These guys will earn your business. Used them a few time and have tried a few others but I find these guys to have the best bang for your buck & they are reliable.

great service

great service fast and at a unbeatable price