The Amazing Haze

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4.5 stars

Descent expereince

communication and wait time was not bad at all. weed was descent, no seeds and smokes good. Only suggestion would be to allow bids to cure more as it still had bushy smell to it.

great product and service

this was the first delivery service I ever used, and while I have used others as well sometimes just for fun - I always come back to these guys because they are so reliable. their prices are good, obviously the more expensive ones are better quality that's just basic business, but even the 100$ oz really aren't that bad. the purple kush is fantastic, and the price is a total steal. the delivery time is generally always within the promised 1-3 hours and anytime it's been longer they have been amazing at communicating with me about it. all these negative reviews are either people who lack common sense or completely fake.
king afgani

Burning Bud

Nothing but good things to say. I’ve been smoking for over 40 years and their BC buds have not disappointed Service has been quick and the driver even came back one night after I got stuck at work until late

named, The Amazing Haze for a reason!

great buds with quality service. keep it up, good job! would recommend it to all and going to keep purchasing from here! love your bc grown buds!

Great Bud!

Currently enjoying the trainwreck but all their bud is quality. Awesome service and fast delivery!

Beat Bud

Im from California, and I have been smoking for way too many years. When I moved out here to Toronto area, I was surprised by theses guys products and how much they care about their customers. These guys are very professional and has excellent bud qualities. Thank you for your time. i

good stuff

good stuff good price

Read this

I see lots of reviews as these guys have been around for quite some time now, I ordered from them last night got my order in 60 minutes and the product is fantastic for the price, this brings me to truly believe what they say all the negative reviews are fake reviewers targeting them, I had a 5 min talk with the driver and asked why the negative reviews and responses and he told me there’s nothing they can do about it Weedmaps charges them a crazy amount of money to be on there site which brings competitors wanting there spot and business there for the competitors leave negative reviews to try and get themselves more business also they told me that they can ask Weedmaps to take it down but the fake reviewers know how to get past weedmaps security systems so that Weedmaps just tell the dispensary’s to f off when they ask to have a review taken Down. I take my hat off to these guys having to put up with that and for delivering to me so quick!


Ordered twice so far from here. Got the Lemon Haze and purple kush 100 dollar oz from them. Well worth it for the price. Both times ordered as soon as they opened and product was here within 2 hours. My new go to place

Their shatter is a waste of money.

Weed is good quality and decently priced. I bought their “shatter” and it was so gooey that it had absorbed into the wax paper when they delivered it. I tried putting in the fridge/freezer in a jar and was only able to use less than half of it. Don’t order their shatter and you’ll be fine.
The Amazing Haze
North York
Hey there, we are glad you enjoyed our bud, as for the shatter we purge to 99% chemical free and that’s why it’s not as hard as others in the heat and why you notice it more sticky because there are no chemicals to mask the gooeyness that the extract is where as other brands have close to 20% chemicals left in it or even 15% which is VERY BAD for your health etc we are shatter smokers ourselves and have gone though every brand you can think of, we couldn’t find consistent brands that where cleaned properly so we bought all the equipment and spent 3 months testing all different ways to make the cleanest shatter, we are based on clean products because we have seen what the chemicals did to our own health and wouldn’t want to hurt anyone by being a retailer of those.
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Great Customer Service & Quality

Its been two months that ive been buying strains from these guys. Price confronts quality, even i am a regular smoker, but their stuff can carry me at all.You wont have any regret buying from this store.Drivers are also friendly and cool. L.A Confidental is highly recommended!

Not good . Bad experience

Service was quick. Ordered because they accepted e-transfer plus reviews were good. Bought Oz, damn the stuff is dry with too many stem and seeds. Idk I don’t get high with this. Unsatisfying. Won’t ever repeat

Great Service, quick delivery

These guys are fantastic. They really go the extra mile to make sure customers are happy. All the bud I’ve tried has been great, my favourite being the LA Confidential. The speed of delivery is one of the best parts, I don’t know how they do it but they’re always there in an hour or less. Strongly recommend.

Great service

These guys are awesome there service is quick got my order in 60 min and the product is top notch. Got silver haze and half oz of violator kush both amazing.

A+ in my books

Quick delivery, quality product, low prices now my go to place thanks for the hookup

Quick delivery quality bud

I ordered at 10:30 am and just got my order 5 min ago it’s 11:33 right now, opened it up everything I ordered is here and just smoked a bowl of the la confidential and all I can say is wow this stuff is bomb thanks guys

Really bad. Rally, rally bad.

Really bad bud. These guys taught me that you get what you pay for.

The White Castle is bomb!

The White Castle is BOMB!! Smaller buds but covered in crystals!

Don’t waste your time

I waited 3 hours after placing my order, still had not heard from them so I texted the number for questions, got a response almost an hour after that stating that they don’t deliver to my area 3 out of 7 days a week even though it states on their weedmaps profile that they are open 7 days a week and they list all the cities they can reach, very unprofessional, don’t waste your time if you don’t live in Toronto they don’t necessarily deliver to your city even though they say they do.
The Amazing Haze
North York
We have a Barrie listing which is open wed though sat. We can’t send a driver up for a single order during hours we are closed. All of our Barrie customers get it and see it not sure why u wouldn’t have. And we don’t list that we are open 7 days and we don’t say anything like that at all. On Weedmaps go to our Barrie listing not a Toronto listing that is open 7 days. Please check your facts.
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I’m from BC and I very much approve of this bid

Great bud and good service