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Tampa, FL - Delivery Only

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Tampa Delivery - Surterra Wellness

About Us

Surterra Wellness is a Tampa Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


Surterra Wellness, through the first-of-its-kind Surterra Wellness Center, now proudly offers a convenient and compassionate medical marijuana delivery service to Tampa, Florida and the surrounding cities. Tampa-based patients may now easily access their medical cannabis  products from the safety of their own homes. Founded in 2014 and fully compliant with Florida Amendment 2, Surterra Wellness set out to empower the health of its patients with quality-first, natural wellness treatments and a steadfast commitment to excellent and humane patient service.



Surterra Wellness’s medical marijuana delivery services value patient empowerment, wellness, and satisfaction above all else. Their cannabis delivery process, from start to finish, is short, safe, convenient, and patient-oriented. Once the patient has acquired a medical marijuana certification from a qualified physician, contact Surterra Wellness via phone, email, or Surterra Wellness’s website to begin. Be sure to have on hand state-issued identification as well. When speaking with one of Surterra Wellness’s representatives, feel free to ask any questions. Their experienced budtenders are there to help patients in any way they can, like understanding the differences between CBD and THC, they’re there to lend a hand. Once the order has been placed, Surterra Wellness will provide the patient with an estimated time of arrival. Upon the driver’s arrival, he or she will verify the patient’s identification and then exchange their naturally cultivated cannabis medicines for the predetermined amount.

Service Locations:

Tampa medical marijuana patients may readily order from Surterra Wellness’s naturally cultivated stock of cannabis medicines. The Surterra medical marijuana delivery team services everyone from the northern end of Chapman to Mullis City, Drew Park, and West Park. Inhabitants of Goldstein and Southeast Seminole Heights are covered by Surterra Wellness’s delivery service. Even those living around the furthest reaches of Del Rio, Ybor City, and Orient Park fall within the boundaries of Surterra’s statewide deliveries. From the southernmost edges of Lutz to the westernmost regions of Brandon and everyone in between, the Surterra Wellness medical marijuana delivery team strives to bring its patients true relief and natural wellness.


Location Information:


Tampa, the nation’s fifth most popular city, rests along Florida’s western coast. Straddled by the eponymous Tampa Bay, Tampa’s populous peninsula is lined with countless oceanic vistas, oceanfront restaurants, bars, clubs, and movie theaters. As the county seat of Hillsborough County, Florida, Tampa is home to more than four million residents and centuries of history. Be sure to absorb as much of the city’s post-modern architecture as possible, including its award-winning museum, the Tampa Museum of Art. A few noteworthy landmarks include the Bro Bowl, one of the last remaining skate parks built during skateboarding’s “Golden Era” of the 1970s, the Babe Zaharias Golf Course in Forest Hills, and the beautiful Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Across the bridge and through the park, Surterra Wellness will strive to bring the best of the best right to your doorstep.


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January 25th, 2017

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