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delivery Hamilton, ONmedical & recreational

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4.4 stars


I got so high smoking their weed that I had to write a review. Comes in labeled jars which is a bonus, and the flavour I got from the smoke was amazing. The nugs look amazing and smell even better and the prices on their stuff is a steal when u consider the quality and the fact that your getting it in a jar, other dispensary’s would charge 100$ a q for what these guys got for less then 70$. Also these guys throw in free gummies or chocolates with orders over 150$ which tasted great. They have multiple phenotypes of the same strain and clearly describe the difference between the phenos. The descriptions are well written and accurate. The driver was a nice guy and came pretty quick even though I am all the way in Oakville. Overall 10/10 no complaints. Definitely my main dispensary from now. My order was a q of LA Kush Cake, Gorilla dosha (which I’m smoking right now), 3 in the pink #6, Kush Mint #11 for anyone wondering.

Always good

This place is one of my go favourite places to get my medication got 3 in the pink and it’s amazing also always get free gummy’s and this time I got an Oreo cookie too very excited to try the edibles. 10/10


I've ordered a few times now and it's not bad. the concentrates are fair priced and clean. really enjoyed the mimosa and the naturally essentials jars too. only knock is lack of sativa doms selection. always got great and tasty indicas. I like how you guys explain the flavours. so great job, just get more sativas!

shine on you crazy diamonds

I ordered the Bliss live resin and 50$ worth of gummies just after midnight, was wrecked by 1 AM. further to which they threw in extra gummies I'm sold. this crew has earned my business thank you Sunset

Never Again

Delivery took 2 hours and the delivery driver was a sketch-bag. Never Again.

Great customer service

Amazing customer service and weed is good


Ok... So we all are getting overwhelmed with, how many places there are to get cannabis now. The biggest problem with that now is, the quality flowers can be like gambling. There is so much bad cannabis being sold it's really sad... Here's the upside to this... There's this great place called SUNSET CANNABIS!!!! You will NOT be disappointed. Everything is top notch medicine! If that wasn't enough guess what else.. You get free gummies that are flipping delicious and, will leave you definitely feeling medicated. When you order weed, this is what you're praying comes in the Most definitely check out Sunset Cannabis!!!

Simply the best!

Bought 2 of the house strains & am finally ready to review after 5 days. They tick all the boxes, friendly, delivery speed, knowledge, quality ... Their house strains are prepackaged sealed or in jars. They test their house brands for potency & I can happily report that in combination with that $100 oz you're loath to finish it will revitalize the terpenes, with interesting results.😎 They know their business & are honest in the descriptions (unlike others) so I trust them on the other strains they offer. Some places will highlight "*30% THC*", when these folks don't do so because that would be misleading & out of context. Only regret is now I have a bunch of weaker weed to consume I've had over a month. The bonus ... the newly activated terps of my old MK Ultra & GGC have modified the Kush Mints 11 in beautiful synergy. Almost forgot, both the recommended Kush Mints 11 & Platinum Grand Daddy Purple were standouts on their own. Thanks Sunset 👍

No Complaints So Far!

Ordered a 1/2 Oz and it was here within an hour. Smell proof seal and all. The quality of the bud is what I expected from the strain that I purchased. Iced Grapefruit, it was pretty tasty. I will order again. No problems so far!

Enjoyable all around

Placed my order at around 12:40 an got an answer back in a minute no waiting around for a text, I was smoking at 1:08 hard to get that service on weedmaps at 1230 at night. The weed I got Black Fin Tuna left my mouth with a very pungent flavor an filled my kitchen with a lovely aroma as soon as I opened the glass jar that was provided with the strain I ordered. The driver called me when he was 5 minutes away for a heads up which is always appreciated an was very pleasant to deal with. Lengthy review do yourself a favor an order from here!

Give it a try

So I ordered 1/4 of Darth Vader OG it’s not the strongest but it’s definitely good and amazing for the price $55 looks beautiful and smells good. I also I got one Sativa joint and they gave it to me free so that’s amazing also I got 2 little red gummies for free in the bag. I will definitely be trying you guys again.

Nice service and products!

I decided to try another new delivery service earlier and literally got yelled at by an illiterate operator for asking simple questions... after that dramatic bull*** I decided to hit this place up (we've got so many options around and temptation makes me try them all in the long run lol) and to my surprise it was quite a lovely experience! The people here are friendly and willing to help with any questions. Plus the products are actually pretty good and delivery is decently fast! Pretty well-rounded place! Good job!

Yes! I'd recommend! 🤩

Super happy with this service. 👍👍

Great service all around!

Ordered at 12 midnight and they came within the 40 minutes they said they would! Great bud and great service! Definitely ordering again from these fine people.

Product is genuine

Their product is exquisite. Worth the price but delivery fee kind of puts a damper on it, although first time customers get free delivery.

Very professional

Was very happy with the service, good product for a fair price, will use again for sure!