Kush Mints 11 - AAAAA - Indica

Tested just over 20% THC - Kush Mints is an 80% Indica cross of pre-'98 Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. It packs a nice heavy body stone and a delicious flavour. the aroma is very much like chocolate mint with a strong gassy kush behind it. Kush Mints 11 is one of the nicest strains on the menu right now. the nugs are absolutely gorgeous, each green and purple masterpiece looks like it was rolled in sugar before it was put in the bag. the smell is intense even from across the room and the chocolate terps really smack you in the face, with a minty gassy kush finish. the buzz is very strong, this strain is not recommended for lightweights. seriously. you may end up taking an unexpected nap, even if you're an experienced smoker. there are 2 different Kush mints phenotypes on the menu right now, Kush mints 11 and Kush Mints 9. the #11 is gassier and hits harder, the #9 is super smooth and tastes a bit stronger of chocolate but still gassy too

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