ASCND - Northern Lights


A deeply floral breath of fresh mountain air that elevates your mental altitude. 

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4.6 stars

97% THC - same price as rest or close..

Lab tested and one of the few to pass clean. Paid $35+tax. Why buy almost anything else - less plugplay or select. Even at prices I more normally see $42-$45. Higher Thc = less hits and it’s just worth $7. Whole line up is great. This is one of the best northern lights I’ve smoked and my go to. Earth OG and purple punch the other two. (Also at 97.8% and 96.4% this batch).

not worth the money

tasted alright but barely got me high

Dope Dope

I personally have always just been a huge Northern Lights type of guy so when I finally came across a store that had the Kurvana(cart) so I was excited. Chose between Purple Punch and Northern Lights but I will get Purple next time. Its nice bc its not too too heavy and gets you very cool, mellow, and in a great mood. It seems to be making an excellent addition to coffee this morning. I never smoked anything from Kurvana and was like oh this sucks ya know? It is just, they have high prices and when I start to go into their price category I usually spend on the PlugPlays but good looks Kurvana on the top knotch quality. From the packaging, to the directions, quality of the concentrate, taste, and high it is great. The review before this was really great Good looks.

Best Northern Lights #5 on the market.

First to the reviewer saying this stinks and purple punch is far better. Well, that might be the case, but you realize - Northern Lights makes up a good amount of purple punch. Check the genetics. But go with what works for you. This ASCND version is great. Usually tests ~88-92%. Hits smooth. I’ve never had a cart issue - occasional clog but one hit clears that. Otherwise - I’m not a fan of the shape, like a dragging on bullet cut in half. It also doesn’t fit in snap in pen due to size. However, I get why they are sticking with it - to make fakes really hard to do with this design and availability. Lastly, I’m a huge fan of ASCND since their debut. However, there are a lot of new competitors and old that are of equal quality/THC % and some have far more diverse lines. You new to bring your pricing down to what the top 3 elite $. . You’ll grab a lot more market share and that $10 delta will be dwarfed by the market share increase. Select, Plug Play & Saucey as ex $55/1G

Northern Lights

Well, don’t spend your money on this vape! I recently had a back surgery, I went to the dispensary and ask something similar to Purple Punch. I didn’t work at all! I told her that I need Indica... long short story going back to switch for another one, if they exchange it. I’m not a happy camper now. Go for Purple Punch, the best .


Just had surgery and depended on this to get through pain. This this is faulty. Leaked. Got oil all in my mouth. The oil was burning rapidly the first day. Didn't make sense


seriously slaps

One of my all time favorite strains and vape carts

First. To all the leaking complaints - I smoke exclusively ASCND and Select, unless in a pinch. I’ve never had a bad cart from Kurvana ASCND line. Can’t say that for Select or any other. Nor would I accept it, given the small premium this brand carries. On the carts - I’m not a fan of this new design. It’s like sucking on half a bullet. It also doesn’t fit in my ceramic - magnetic drop in pen. However, it hits well and cool. Occasionally carts near the end, get hot. The strain is amazing. Thick, quality (and last tester constantly - one of three clean brands right now) oil - that tests 85-95%. Last order was from 2/19 and tested 95% total THC. I have a high tolerance, another reason why I like them (and Select - tests a bit lower but they low ball, 85% avg). Other carts never get past the lightly buzzed phase. Almost like smoking a 1:1 or Thc/CBD cart. Northern Lights ,A classic. Great version, cerebral effects come too.

Love the earthy/piney taste

This cart has a very earthy taste with a hint of lemon. Definitely relaxes your mind and body, leaving you feeling sedated. Another great cart from ASCND 👍🏼


these hit like good good best I found on wm


loving this cart best hitting yet


Northern lights is one of my all time favorite indicas and this cartridge smacks. It hits nice and smooth but strong asf! 10/10 from me

Amazing taste and potent!

Love these! Truly top notch carts that deliver a mellow, hard hitting body high that keeps your mind off of pain or aches. It’s been s good for my anxiety too. A little goes a long way.

Dont Like The Terpenes

The high this Northern Lights delivers is calm n' mellow. Its not a one hit kill, its the type of strain you take short puffs on to relax and relieve your aches and pains not for getting toasted. There are strains that ASCND makes that are one hit killers if thats what you are looking for but this is not one of them this is more of a mellow high. I do feel that the terpenes are slightly off on this one it doesnt seem right its off-tasting and kind of distracting. One of my least favorable so far from this brand.

perfect blend

love this strain! definitely keeps you focused in either work or a workout! i smoke on the job, so i be smokin grass while cutting grass! leaving the customer and i satisfied

Best I’ve ever had

This cartridge and potency were perfect

I see lights



So happy to have finally located this! What an amazing cartridge and experience. The flavor is top-notch, cool with pine, and has a nice smooth pull. Instantly relaxes your body, and then proceeds to alleviate your mind. Highly recommend.

Fuck Yes

Amazing carts. NL is tasty so tasty. Great high. Best carts. This and the Punch are incredible. A+++

Kurvana was my favorite

The last 4 or 5 cartridges keep getting clogged.
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