Pacific Stone | Orange Sativa (3.5g)


Pacific Stone | Orange Sativa (3.5g)

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5 stars

Dope spot

Upscale spot, super dank weed and cool people. Got a 38$ quarter that is just as good as any regular priced weed I’ve gotten lately.

Great Budget Product!

I went to my local dispensary with a budget of $20 expecting to get a cheap eighth, and was more than satisfied with this product! Opening the bag let out an intoxicating aroma, and was full of big buds. This was the first time I didn’t question if I actually got 3.5 grams, there was more weed than I anticipated. The high was nice, mellow and not over stimulating. No anxiety and a creative, focused flow that made my current workload enjoyable. Expect the high to last a little less than 2 hours. The buds carry outdoor grown characteristics, it isn’t as clean as indoor and the trimming was ok. For $20, I recommend this product if you’re on a budget, sharing or packing blunts. You won’t regret this purchase, I sure didn’t! -@eddiefndiaz
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