OG Kush - Indoor Top Shelf


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LEGIT indoor OG Kush is RARE​ and extremely popular (especially in S​outhern California) where cookies strains are harder to find....It is the top choice for everyone who wants to get STONED. The genetics on this batch of OG is OG Kush #1 and you can truly taste the OG flavor which is a very fresh scent, taste piney, woodsy, earthy with undertones of citrus, lemon, lime​ and a nice​ OG feeling when you exhale. It's the type of flower that has a distinct cerebral effect and has been used extensively in cannabis breeding because of the original strain's high THC content, potency and extensive medical benefits. THC levels in the high ​20%-​27% range is especially powerful and satisfying. Just harvested and grown indoor by a 25 year pro who really grew this perfect!!​​ REAL OG Kush indoor!! W​e​ got lucky!! 
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