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4.9 stars

Dishonest Children

They don't pick up their phone and left my texts hanging for over 45m. I give up, cancel, and within 3 minutes of cancelling, they respond that they had "just" gotten my messages" even though they had been texting me 45 minutes earlier. A better customer response would've been, "Sorry, we were experiencing high order volume. Would you still like to cancel?" Run by dishonest children. You've missed out on a customer whose usual order is 2-3x the median and tips drivers.

if i could give a zero i would

made me wait about 2 hours just to bring me the wrong strain resulting in me staying up unable to sleep due to the heavy sativa effects till i finish this nasty cartridge

Fast and friendly

Very good delivery service! Good menu, Knowledgeable staff and always on time! Keep up the good work!

Good Enough Delivery Service

Not too bad of a deal, but won't go as far to say they have the BEST deals in San Francisco and they are the best delivery service; Lmao that's just silliness, but they definitely aren't the worst here. I'm an old school, long time weed toker and a native San Franciscan, so I know my weed and definitely know what good deals and services are. These guys were timely, delivery guy was okay...pretty neutral. Didn't like being asked for my I.D again and how the bag was tucked away after seeing me, as if I was untrustworthy; especially after going through the task of taking a selfie with my I.D (made me feel kinda awkward and bad like why I took the selfie in the first place if you're gonna do all that..kinda redundant) but I gave the benefit of the doubt and chucked it to them just doin' their job extra which I try to understand. All in all an okay experience, but kinda wish I held out after seeing I could have gotten an even better deal on WM with a better greeting. As stated, good enough.

Best delivery service ive had in SF. Only took 40 mins compared to the hours other services take. Good Quality & prices. I will definitely be ordering from SmileHouse again & again.

back at it again

Smilehouse is the best delivery San Francisco has to offer the driver arrived early but it was no big deal he waited for me to get back! they always have new strains and brands at great prices and no surprise taxes at the door. try them out!!

Condescending people with sticks up their ass

Your weed fucking sucks. If this means your suppliers suck at cultivating than it is what it is. You guys are rude to everyone who is simply giving their honest feedback. A bunch of trump supporters if you ask me. Let us see the COA’s because I guarantee you that batch of supposedly Larry OG Kush does not have that much thc. On top of the poor packaging the flowers have lost their terpenes and thc percentage. Poor quality over all. This company will not be around for long. Don’t waste your time with these hagglers. Talking about oh you owe us $10. You owe me money for waisting my time! Also you commented back to another user about her recommendation in such a rude manner without any compassion at all. Shows us why you are really out here and it is not for the patients nor the people!!

No complaints here

It was weird sending my picture but to verify my ID but nonetheless its been great service so far. Nice delivery guy too...

Unreal service

Service was SO quick and reliable. The guy who dropped it off was incredibly friendly. Thank YOU!


This place has been my go to place for the longest time now . Delivery time is usually speedy , great customer service , great deals . Most importantly it does the job when it needs to .

quarter zookies is the deal you want

just tried the zookies, quarter for 60 bucks for local grown purple bud. high af now

Quick, fast, fire

I cop the zookies deal every other day. Loving it. They used to have a purple punch deal before which was even better. Going to keep smoking this until their next deal, Can't wait!

Outdoor or Greenhouse tree

I really wanted to try this place as I really needed tree yesterday. My first choice delivery service was not around. I tried the Zookies which looked like some fire in the menu pic. It was definitely outdoor! Which was very disappointing because I only smoke indoor quality tree. It smelled like grass right when you opened the bag. I called and they traded it out for the best strain they had Larry OG. It was not Larry OG it was more outdoor. Total waste of money.
San Francisco
The Larry OG is tested at 25% thc and it's labeled as Larry OG, the Zookies is grown indoor right here in San Francisco by BuddyBuddy. We came out and tried to keep you happy but I guess some people are difficult. By the way you owe us $10 because the Larry OG price is different than the Zookies deal
Official Response

Great service

I text them 10 minutes before they close and they were happy to deliver to me. Michael was friendly and there delivery was fast.

Smilehouse comes thru CLUTCH AGAIN!!!!

My guys over at Smilehouse with the 🔥. Smokin on they PP 7g deal for $50????? crazy smoke for a crazy price!!!! Cop some TODAY!!!!


I dont write reviews but Alan was awesome as he was polite and helped when my debit didnt want to work. smiled the whole t im me. 5 thumbs up to Alan

Update your pictures

Yup, that's all u need to do. Pictures of flowers two years old... come on


Great service and super fast


Quick to reply, great product, fast service, good prices.

Pretty solid

I got 2 orders of the $50 7gs of purple punch and the buds were pretty solid all around 🙌. Looks just like the pics although the bud isn’t really sticky, but it’s still good. Definitely more for lightweight smokers though. Doesn’t really get me all that stoned but I’ve been smoking everyday for a while so my tolerance is high asf 🤒I also got the pineapple haze. Pretty decent. Little expensive for the nugs I got (prepackaged weed. 🤷‍♂️)