SFV OG Kush Cartridge

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SFV OG x Afghani ​

A relaxing Indica-dominant strain with a smooth, mild flavor, this batch is a favorite among HIMALAYA staff.  Expect a subtle flavor profile with floral, herbal, and spicy notes, plus hints of honey and lemongrass. ​ If you're sensitive to harshness and irritation from cartridges, this is the perfect strain for you!  In internal testing, tasters consistently rated this batch as exceptionally smooth on both the inhale and exhale.

Go Higher with HIMALAYA: Authentic Small-Batch Cannabis with the *Original* Strain-Specific Terpenes.  Potency: 80-90% T.A.C. (75-85% THC).  HIMALAYA cartridges contain ultra-pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil that's true to the original flower

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