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Sleeping Giant Gardens

Missoula, MT - Delivery Only

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Missoula Delivery - Sleeping Giant Gardens

About Us

Sleeping Giant Gardens is a Missoula Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Sleeping Giant Gardens provides Missoula qualifying patients access to cleanly grown, carefully crafted cannabis therapies at an affordable price. Their delivery service travels to homebound patients throughout Missoula and equips suffering individuals with medical marijuana-based relief.



Sleeping Giant Gardens’ founder began serving the Montana medical marijuana patient population nearly 10 years ago, committed to excellence in quality and care. He loved growing cannabis and wanted to share his bounty’s healing potential with any person who needed his aid. The founder traveled to Amsterdam and other medical marijuana hubs to absorb as much information as possible about genetics, cannabinoids, terpenes and all other aspects of cannabis. Sleeping Giant Gardens’ delivery service equips Missoula patients with a wide variety of cannabis caregivers, able to pass on their knowledge and care to any curious or suffering patient. Their delivery program endured Montana’s shifting regulations to equip Missoula medical cannabis patients with lasting, effective therapies.



The gardens of Sleeping Giant Gardens yield some of the state’s finest cannabis plants and cannabis-based products. Their cultivation begins with organic soil, imbued with naturally-sourced nutrients, and they hand water and trim their plants for optimal healing. Cultivars such as Montana Silvertip are among Sleeping Giant Gardens’ best sellers, mixed in with plenty other genetics ready to relieve a broad range of symptoms. Sleeping Giant Gardens also crafts solventless concentrates like rosin and bubble hash, and soon will include BHO-extracted therapies on their menu. Their cultivators also create cartridges, capsules, and other discreet medicating options for patients who prefer not to smoke. Sleeping Giant Gardens submits every cannabis product to both Stillwater Labs and Fidelity Diagnostics for lab testing.



Patients may use cash or check to pay for their cannabis purchases. Delivery customers can get in touch with Sleeping Giant Gardens on Facebook, Weedmaps, or over phone and email. Their delivery team will gladly assist new patients with scheduling their doctor’s appointment and submitting all paperwork to the state health department. New Missoula delivery patients receive $100 in delivery credit, as well as $50 for every new patient they refer. Sleeping Giant Gardens requires a ½ ounce minimum order for Missoula delivery, and finalizes all deliveries within 24 hours.


Service Locations:

Sleeping Giant Gardens journeys to medical cannabis patients in Missoula and throughout the surrounding regions. Residents in Missoula, Bonner-West Riverside, Orchard Homes, and East Missoula can safely rely on their medical marijuana care. Sleeping Giant Gardens’ drivers travel to Wy, Nagos, Lolo, and Pittsville with their therapies. Westview Park, Twin Creeks, Clinton, and Evaro patients order from their delivery menu, and throughout Western Montana, Sleeping Giant Gardens is proud to eradicate the suffering of their patients.


Location Information:

Missoula was established in western Montana in the 19th century along the Clark Fork River where it meets the Blackfoot and Bitterroot Rivers. The city stands in the shadow of the iconic Mount Jumbo, where hikers can see the large Jacobs Island Park Stadium and University Mountain peak. Splash Montana features a handful of plunging water slides and swimming pools in the summertime, and the Montana Natural History Center features local artifacts and natural exhibits. From the University of Montana's iconic “M” on the hill to downtown’s Caras Park, Sleeping Giant Gardens is thrilled to aid any patient in need.

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August 30th, 2017

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