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Sleeping Giant Gardens

Kalispell, MT - Delivery Only

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Kalispell Delivery - Sleeping Giant Gardens

About Us

Sleeping Giant Gardens is a Kalispell Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Sleeping Giant Gardens is Kalispell’s dedicated, premier provider of top-tier quality medical cannabis and professional patient service. They provide medical marijuana patients in Kalispell and beyond with finely cultivated medical marijuana at an accessible, compassionate price.



The founder of Sleeping Giant Gardens has served as a Montana medical marijuana patient caregiver for more than 10 years. He began as a cannabis cultivator with a deep love of the plant and proud recognition of how much its healing properties could benefit suffering individuals in his home state. The founder of Sleeping Giant Gardens traveled to Amsterdam and beyond to learn everything he could about medical marijuana and pass his knowledge on to patients. Sleeping Giant Gardens’ delivery network connects with Kalispell patients with a depth of marijuana knowledge and professional care. Their delivery ensures homebound medical marijuana patients need not go without the healing, powerful effects of medicinal cannabis.



The cultivators at Sleeping Giant Gardens grow their flower with naturally crafted soil, organic nutrients, and other natural processes to yield the most efficient healing remedies. Their cultivars, such as Montana Silvertip, offer lasting and soothing relief for many health conditions. Sleeping Giant Gardens also creates solventless concentrates, such as bubble hash and rosin, as well as a modest selection of edibles. With cartridges, capsules, BHO-extracts and more, Sleeping Giant Gardens strives to create a cannabis solution for everyone. All medical marijuana undergoes lab testing at Fidelity Diagnostics and Stillwater Labs for quality assurance.



Sleeping Giant Gardens’ customers may pay for their cannabis with either cash or check. Delivery patients connect with their team over Facebook, Weedmaps, phone or email, and a Sleeping Giant Gardens correspondent will gladly help new patients schedule their doctor’s appointment and submit all necessary state paperwork. New Kalispell delivery patients are gifted with $100 in delivery credit, and the chance to earn $50 with every patient they refer to Sleeping Giant Gardens. Kalispell deliveries require a ½ ounce order minimum and typically arrive within 24 hours.


Service Locations:

Sleeping Giant Gardens sends their delivery drivers to homebound patients across Kalispell and the surrounding regions. Patients in Evergreen, Batavia, Kila, and Forest Hill Village can safely rely on Sleeping Giant Gardens’ delivery. Their team travels to Somers, Whitefish, Halfmoon and Columbia Falls with top-quality cannabis therapies. Medical marijuana patients in Marion, Martin City, Corum, and Bigfork can order from their delivery team. Throughout the Flathead Valley and northwest Montana, Sleeping Giant Gardens is proud to aid any suffering patient.


Location Information:

Kalispell is located in northwestern Montana and serves as the gateway city to the nearby Glacier National Park. The Flathead Lake, located south of Kalispell, features plenty of beaches as well as hiking trails on Wild Horse Island and along the Flathead River. Visitors enter and exit the region via the Kalispell City Airport, ready to explore exhibits at the Conrad Mansion museum or play at the Magic Diamond Casino. The Hockaday Museum of Art features state artists, and Woodland Park’s water slides attract visitors across the region.

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August 30th, 2017

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