Hybrid AAA Blackberry RAW Pre Rolled Cones 8 Pack Shake Free PreRolls

**Destemmed Fresh Flower Only, Shake FREE** Pre Rolled Cones Brand Pre-Rolls 8 RAW Cones filled with AAA Strain specific flower, convenient, ready to light Cannabis! Not rolled from shake or old dusty bottoms. Blackberry is a popular strain known for its balance of an active sativa buzz and the high yields of plants due to its indica side. It was bred in 2009 by Dutch company Nirvana Seeds as a cross between a Black Domina clone from the U.S and their own Raspberry Cough. Flowering happens between 9 and 11 weeks and plants will have a tight leaf structure and frosty buds. Indoor growing is recommended, but be warned, Blackberry plants are pungent. This strain has strong smoke that can have a fuel smell, but it is dominantly fruity.

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