The Rolling Trees

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delivery Augora HIlls, Californiamedical
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4 stars

No BS over here

The customer service is great , the buds are fire , the prices are reasonable and the delivery time is convenient. Can’t complain!

Great service

Great service, great prices! Highly recommend!

5 star service and products

Great prices, excellent customer service and fast delivery. I highly recommend the Dank Vape Carts, the Durban Poison is my favorite so far! Everyone who helps me is friendly and polite.

I was gunna buy some but I guess not.

I thought last call was 11:30

Plug and play

Fake plug and plays that’s all I gotta say


The buds are awesome they always have deals and deliver on time cant ask for more can you!


always quality product. when late , compensate . They do.

I have to change my review...

Been ordering with them for 2 months about. First time I ordered I got amazing service! Well, I’ve had a few times I’ve ordered the HiFly Carts and most of the time I got real HiFly carts..but the last 2 times I ordered, I got what I believe to be fake ones put in HiFly packaging... my last order I ordered a dosido hifly cart and I actually still had a hiFly cart that had less than 1/2 a gram in it that was dosido as well.. the colors were two completely different colors, the taste was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT&the one I suspected to be fake was more liquidy then the real cart I got from a different delivery place, you could tell the carts were two completely different carts as well, THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I WAS SUSPICIOUS, there were a couple times I’ve got carts that tasted funky, were way liquidy, and the color was just so off! Just be careful, fake carts have been an ongoing problem, google it, it’s dangerous, educate yourself! Makes me sad bc I loved the girl who took my order. :/

First time was great, 2nd time???

As a FTP I got EXCELLENT service (But I am glad did not leave a review the first time). Replied fast to me and got my order within 30 minutes. Great bud!! But when I tried to return to order more, dont know why they never even showed up. I got a confirmation and ETA. My eta was an hour (should have gotten here at 10:20) and after 1 hour and a half of not getting my order I texted just to ask if my order is on the way, but got no response. Dont know why a shop would do this? Was checking out the other reviews and I am mad at myself for not reading them first. You can tell this delivery service does not care about their customers because they dont even try to apologize for their big mistakes. Shame on you. Never coming back even tho you had really good bud. 😔💔

Is this a real club???

I got weed from someone once and it was ok but they have not responded to any messages or picked up any calls after that. I don’t understand are they just not doing business or what but after a few attempts just going to move on.

Great stuff for AMAZING prices!

I got so much stuff for just $75, they were so sweet and quick to respond! You aren’t making a mistake ordering from here!

dude killer prices!

thank you guys for good prices and fast service!🙏


One of the drawbacks to ordering meds online for me is mostly the False advertising. We all (or at least I) mostly use these delivery services as a CONviennce. After a long day at work, the drive on the 101 in traffic in rush hour is a trip anyone dreads. When I First found this delivery service I recommend it to all mt friends and Family. However, after purchasing Flower that was advertised as $95 for 10g the product was not as resembled in the photo. After the employee who placed my order asked how I liked the product., I replied with an honest response, and let them know I was very disappointed with the Meds vs what was resembled in the pic. I have yet to hear back a word. After taking a break from this company and coming back after a few weeks, theres a hundred other services out there with better custoner service. even if not its worth taking the time to go to a Store Front where yoy can actually see and smell the product. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THESE KIDS !! I'LL ROLL MY OWN !

Retracting my previous review

While the prices may be low, and the products being a good quality, the consistency of service (if you can call it that) is next to atrocious. The past 3/4 deliveries I have ordered were either: >ignored >Took over 2 hours to deliver or >I Was given the wrong items With the amount of screw ups I've had to deal with, You'd think there would be some kind of attempt at keeping me as a customer, but there's none. Stay away if you want professionalism or any kind of consistency in service. Shame on Rolling Trees for treating people like this, you should strive to be better.

Low price High quality

This is my second time ordering from here and they have the most quick and friendly service. The weed is dank af and most of it you can buy for the low.

Killer price

I got a bunch of shatter from them and at 15$ per gram it’s a steal ! delivery service nice and quick and easy! Will be ordering from here from now on 🔥

Dishonest and rude

I placed a order asking what do you have for $45 and $50 right now? They responded with We have Ice OG for $45. I said Let's do that please and thank you 💗and gave them my address. I hear nothing from them after that. 30 minutes later I sat never mind, thanks anyways. Immediately they respond driver is outside. He stops in the middle of the road and starts talking SO loudly mind you. I say hi and hand him my $45. He’s like wait it’s $50. Confused of course I show him my texts with the order taker. Confused himself he calls his “boss” who he tells the texts say $45. She says no. He tells her again that’s what you told her. She stills says no. Mind you he’s basically screaming to her on the phone parked in the middle of the road at 9pm making a scene in my complex. Like really?! Talk about not discreet or professional. I’m seriously blown away as I’ve been ordering here for 6months or so. I asked for my money back, he apologized and sped away. I text the lady “boss” Ana and she was just like sorry. It’s our message. Have a good night I don’t even know what that response means and so much for good business practices giving the customer the price you told them. And now loosing a customer over $5?! Wow! Blown away as how dishonest they were and how disrespectful to a customer.


super impressed and stoked with my first order! super quick, dank ass affordable dabs, and the ftp gram of Afgoo Kush looks dank af.👏👏


Delivery services these days are a dime a dozen. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. The rolling Trees always goes out of the way to ensure -the best customer service. Flowers and product are always fresh. Having trouble making a decision ? Ask your very helpful and friendly tenders for their recommendation. I will always recommend anyone looking for quality product to give them a try. Fast & reliable service, I will be a customer forever. Thank you guys for everything!!

Great service

Responded very fast to my text was here quick. Products are great I love the birthday cake stiiizy pod! FTP get a free gram of flower and I got the candy crush 👌 so dank! I will def be calling again soon! Jeo was great. 10/10