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4.8 stars

yeah buddy

I hate how you have to wait 30 days between reviews, So got some lucky charms wax and boy count those lucky stars you be hittin hard loved the feeling and the smoothness of this wax. Hit this place up and get yourself some Lucky Charms wax. 🙌✌☝☺☺☺

Fast Friendly Fire!

First time using RS and I’m super stoked! Not only is the flower super yummy (Hindu Kush) they brought us edibles and a preroll for free and we got our order in 30 minutes! Will definitely be ordering again!

Totally bomb flower.

Thanks again for another doubke dream joint its truelyndream puts u on cloud 9. love the flower and Seth loves the wax you guys rock.

Hell yeahhhh

So I forgot to post for fathers day weekend. So here is the run down it was crazy awesome I posted a video on instagram and tagged this awesome place ringingseeders because it was their awesome Joint of Double Dream along with a little margarita that got me truley flying as kids now a days say cross faded. I was felling the awesome buzz for hours. I had the figure 8 feeling around my eyes and just that real good happy feeling so ty for that ringingseeders it truely made our fathers day weekend enjoyable. Your flower is the bomb. ☺☺☺✌✌✌👏👏👏

wooo hooo lovin it

Thanks again you guys Seth really love the new wax and for those of you out there when it comes out you got to try it its called grape ape it has a grape taste to it and its super good. Thanks again for everything I cant wait to see what next.

kickass prices/products

this pla e right here has served me up a few times now amd they ate on time if not quicker! thebwax for the price was legit and the delivery dude kicked down a free-bee which was totally cool!

awesome timing and prices and quality

1st these guys are awesome good prices, big variety and the wax is really good, but this time around they told me that they would be here in 20 mom or so and they were here in like 10 minutes sharp thanks guys. Hey guys I haven't figured out how to do multiple reviews but with that said, thanks again you guys never cease to amaze me thanks for your prices, thanks for the top quality of the product so nobody out there get fooled and think that these guys wax is not what you were expecting until you eat an edible or take a dab you'll be blown away SO AGAIN THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR GREAT PRODUCT AND GREAT PRICES OH AND ALWAYS YOU GUYS ARE ON TIME OR EARLY, THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR YOUR CLIENTS MUCH APPRECIATED ✌️

Always Rockin

I may only be able to order in the beginning of the month because of finances but these guys always have the hookup. Thanks for taking care of Seth always and being amazing staff and having the always happy chill driver Mike. Keep cool.

Hands down best spot for budget meds

Super happy with my experience. They were super friendly and helpful. I was verified within 15 minutes of texting a picture of my rec, and I got the delivery right on time. The meds were decent. The cartridge was darker than I like, and has got a little bit of a residual taste I associate with BHO. Some of the buds were a little wet and I'll probably cure them a bit more. Still good overall. For the cost though? KILLER deals on quality products. So I got a full gram watermelon zkittle cartridge a 1/4 blue diamond for $65 AND a free gram! Can't beat the value from any other dispensary in the area. Definitely will be ordering from here again.

best prices

really thrilled we finally have some good priced weed out here keep it up!


pretty decent ETA, very respectful and cool, DOPE ass service( pardon the pun). I purchased a quarter of Watermelon Zkittlez and recieved a free gram or so and a free edible. The free gram was Blue Diamond which is definitely gonna be my next purchase. 5 stars.

yay lovin the wax and flower. ☺

Finally I can do a review again. You are awesome thanks to how driver Mike did things on Easter we were able to have be sneeky and hide a gram of wax in Seths Easter egg lmbo he loved the unexpected 1gram watermelon zittles thank you always lovin the awesome things you guys do and how helpful you guys are. Thanks again. And obviously I had fun on 420 day boy oh boy loved the Blue diamond joint its been awhile since somethin kicked my butt for so long. lmbo keep up the good work.

Fastest Delivery in town*updated 5.16.19

Every time 👍👍👍👍👍 Update 5.16.19 Ringing seeders is my go-to delivery service when I need medication. They never have me waiting long, their product is quality and the entire team is kind and respectful. *Driver Mike is the man

Berry White

I love the berry white its my go to every time gets me nice and relaxed, alot of trichomes , the smell is awesome all around a very good strain keep the good work up :)

Amazing customer service.

After recently relocating to the area, I've tried a bunch of different services and haven't found one I like until now. There were some technical difficulties during ordering but they went above and beyond to make up for any inconvenience. Customer service at its best! Nikki and Mike were both so sweet and lovely to work with. Nicest people I've talked to in a long time. The medicine is also very good for the price point. The cartridges and edibles are so yummy.

5 star service

Have ordered from different places, but no one has came close to them my go to.

Awesome, Awesome. Awesome

Being new to Marysville, we are trying out some of the local delivery services. After a disastrous experience at another service last week, we gave Mountain High a call and boy are we glad we did! Mike showed up on time, he was extremely pleasant, friendly and professional. He explained a few details about his products and how his company works. Their prices are extremely fair, product is excellent and they offer senior discounts - what more could anyone ask for - these guys are are our new delivery service.

Always Happy ☺☺☺

Thank you for letting our son be one of the few to try the new wax strain that isnt even out yet ( Martha + Jane ) it was truely awesome it made his eyes heavy and totally kick back keep it rockin as always. Lovin the waxes and the keif. truely strains that cant be beat. And this is the only review I can do this mo. But HAPPY 420 MO TO All. and when the Martha + Jane wax comes out get you some. ☺☺☺👍👍👍

lovin you guys

Thanks for hooking our Son up he loved the pineapple express wax and truth keif AI kit it was amazing thanks again for always keeping him going he truely loves you guys. Hope to keep doing business with you. For all you out there this place truely rocks and the staff is great, there driver Mike is always informative and always upbeat. ☺☺☺✌✌✌👍👍👍

Always exceeds expectations 🔥💕

Once again I was not let down by these guys customer service. Always the best and on time 🔥, haven’t order here in a few weeks but today my order was better then ever before. Driver is always friendly and treats me with much respect. I never feel shady shopping here like I often times do with other delivery services. Recommend y’all try these guys out and the new the carts they have are 🔥. Much respect for these guys. 💯