Hog cannabis strain is a pure Indica whose origins are kept a secret by her creators. She is world famous for being one of the strongest cannabis strains out there. Her THC levels can range from 16 to 25 percent. In 2012 Hog took first place for Best Indica at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup. This weed produces medium-sized dark green buds, sprinkled in dark amber hairs and a good coating of resin. Hog is good for night time medical and recreational use. Type of High Hog marijuana strain induces strong cerebral euphoria , body buzz and deep sedation. Uplifts mood, improves focus, relieves stress, stimulates appetite. Prompts relaxation, laziness, and couch-lock. Has strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties. Genetics The genetic origins of Hog cannabis strain are unknown. Average THC / CBD Level   17.00/27.00% THC  0.10/0.32% CBD  0.01/0.58% CBN

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