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4.7 stars

Vacation a success

I flew in from Texas, so I came with nothing. I don’t know my way around here, but I googled, and then called, and well within the hour I got my delivery, and a little extra added bonus thrown in was a nice surprise!! 💝 It was all very easy breezy! Thank you for making my vacation a success!!

Please stop Text Blasting! WTF?

This must be an illegal Trap shop, the roduiculously long text blast that they desperately send out everyday just wont stop. U text STOP back like the directions say and they even respond saying that the marketing will stop coming but its all BS. Their system is bunk on purpose and they definitely are selling your info to 3rd party businesses. Please be careful when dealing with these folks ask about their compliance and ask to see testing results of their products. Hey even go as far as to asking if they pay taxes or not. This aggressive marketing campaign must stop! Who makes $ this way anymore? Just blast and hope/cross your fingers that some sucker bites? So sad u guys may as well be a call center in India. Hopefully the govt. shuts u guys down soon cuz u make the rest of this industry look shady when there is true benefit to peoples lives that should take precedence. I feel sorry for yall.

Great selection but higher prices than competitors

Well, you guys have a great supply of top notch buds.. But your prices are probably the highest in Orange County. No joke. I shop around quite a bit and generally purchase eighths of top strains for no more than $35. Perhaps there are added bonuses you guys offer for customers or something? One thing you certainly are aware of is the abundance of dispensaries in the area.. So there's surely a lot of missed business due to the marked up prices shown in your menu? I can't be the only one. I appreciate your time. As a business owner myself I know the value in feedback. I sincerely hope you are able to better meet the standards present in the industry. Thanks again for your time.
Lady A

Great deals

Love the mini nugs. And the prices. So nice to have delivery. Jeff answered all my dumb questions on the phone (ha) very patiently. Great service.

Good flower here

I’ve ordered here twice both times pretty quick delivery and good flower

Super Bomb!

Had an amazing delivery from these guys! The Granddaddy Purple was SOOO good! Also loved the purple erkle and the martian candy. Cheeba chews as well! Thanks guys


my experience with ordering over the phone was nothing less than perfect. i was kindly helped and suggested fire flower (Jet Fuel). although the lid of the container was partially opened in the sealed Rx Bag (i think there was just to much weed ;)) will 100% be coming back here again!


I had one of my products switched for another very low quality one. Either the person packing the container or the driver intentionally did this. They left 1 nug of diesel so I knew i didn't just receive the wrong product. I included specific details in my original review. (Should use tamper proof containers). Today I tried to place an order through them and it was denied due to my "inaccurate review," which was indeed accurate. It's bad enough in this industry that some places get away with stealing from people, but to refuse a return visit is laughable, especially considering. I'll get my medicine from a honest business.

Great service, fast!

Ordered last week for the first time. Great service and quick delivery.


Fast and friendly service, since moving to Orange County 2 years ago this has been my number 1 go to delivery. Great quality bud with the best deals.

Best customer service!

I live this dispensary! Amazing flowers and amazing staff! I've been extremely happy and teccomend then to everyone!!


I usually order from an online place but when I saw that they had canned weed (canned like tuna fish) I was like "whaaaaaat!" Then when I saw they have $10 dollar pre-rolls I was like, "WHAAAAAAAAAT!" So I was like, "Set phasers to good deals!" I didn't expect much just regular weed but that canned stuff knocks you out and the use I got out of that $20 disposable vape pen was insane! It lasted me a month and I smoke quite a bit! 5 stars! 2 thumbs up!

the best meds

the staff very friendly and the quality is by far the best, fast delivery and on time...

Outstanding customer service!!

I got my order within the ETA and the bud quality is amazing as well!

These guys rock!

Fast service, super friendly, and one major plus: GREAT for new users! Would recommend to anyone looking for a smooth experience. Only a text message away.

Good guys, good product, quick delivery

Title says it all!

Good guys, good product, quick delivery

Title says it all!

Speedy Delivery

Speedy Delivery, best buds in town. Love their service and the quality is always on point!
Lisa G

Always consistent, good quality bud

Love the quality and variety of bud to choose from. private reserves are always a good choice. Awesome customer service and quick delivery too!

Old Man and the Weed

I had tried 15 other delivery services last year. This is where I ended up. Why couldn't I have started out with Quickbuds? Oh well ...