Holy Grail OG *PR*

The breeder of Holy Grail OG used The OG #18 (3-time cannabis cup winner) and Kosher Kush (2-time cannabis cup winner) to create a strain that definitely lives up to its name. Holy Grail OG is the holy grail of indica-dominant varieties. The Holy Grail OG strain has a deep and complex flavor of coffee, Kush, hash and lemon/lime with a similar aroma. Holy Grail OG buds are very large, dense, and sometimes have a slight bluish hue to them.This strain can be very effective medication because of its high over THC and as much as 4% CBD. Its effects begin with calming of stress and anxiety. Holy Grail Kush may also be used to calm nausea, soothe aches, stimulate appetite, and stabilize moods.

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