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Cobra Extracts oil is gently coaxed from family farmed cannabis crops. We never use any harmful solvents and we purify the oil using our innovative cold refining process. This allows us to produce exceptionally potent CO2 oil that is crystal clear, glows a beautiful amber color, and drips like honey. Unlike some other companies, we never add any additives or "cut" our oil with anything. All Natural. Pure and Simple. -- Bruce Banner is a wonderful strain for those looking for a punch followed by a euphoric feeling that will make you feel like you can attack your day.  While named after the mild mannered scientist, this green monster also has hidden strength and features a very high THC content. It’s a powerful strain whose effects come on quickly and strong and then tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz.

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    5 stars


    best vape so far big cloudz

    this is the best oil

    Bruce Banner in the oil and I don't think anybody else makes it this is by far there best strain can't find any more the shop I got it from closed down! it's like they took my antidepressant away this stuff is great we're leaving depression anxiety! you name it immediate effects! and they are great! love love this! the only thing I would change is the size of the firing plates? burns up a little fast 2 day's! I've never seen this in a full gram? still given a five-star! even though I can't find it anymore no place! Carrie is it at all around me anybody help! 🙏❤️😇

    good carts

    these vapor good better than most good exhale taste

    White whale

    This is quite literally my favorite strain I’ve ever tried. It gave a nice euphoric high without brain fog and made colors brighter. It lessened pain without going to the point of body locking and gave a slight tingle. I’ve been on the hunt for it for the last year or so, it’s that good. You’ll fall in love with this strain, I promise.


    I have been wanting to smoke a cobra extracts vape. Not disappointed at all. By far one of the best I have ever had.

    update on Bb great! stuff!

    there's only a few of their strains I believe I have not tried of the Cobra oil cartridges Bruce Banner! is the best so far! has a nice subtle taste! and the effects are instantaneous and very relaxing and uplifting at the same time! its 60% OG Kush and 40% strawberry diesel I find this to be an extremely Superior oil and strain! that you can pretty much do anything on? only complaint would be? that these cartridges burn up a little fast? very difficult to find gram cartridges? it's just a lot of Hardware in that half-gram? other than that the oil is great! so i put up with the fact! that they burn a little fast! best if you use an automatic battery! on these cardsI might want to add I've never had one leak or anything they're pretty well made other than the plates are too big that burn the oil just too good to pass up I have not seen B.b in any other oil might I add? this one's 80% I just bought two more tonight? ❤️ Cobra if you read these take out a couple of the heating plates🙏

    update it was the Bruce Banner?

    I ordered two cartridges one Bruce Banner one Northern Lights I got them mixed up so I smoked one for one hit and I called the guy that delivered it and told him what I had done but I had loved it I said I cannot quit laughing so Northern Lights Bruce Banner together I can tell you're are wonderful apart I can't tell you so I suggest you get them both LOL peace😇

    Best strain/Cart

    Clearest, strongest, smoothest. Have had a bunch of cartridges but this one is a gem in the pile for sure!


    My fave so far with deathstar and og kush right behind.

    As fun as the comic book

    This cartridge was a great sit down and hang out with friends strain. This was a little spicy hit but very potent. Buzz hit with intensity and made everything so much more fun.
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