NUG Flower - Cypress OG

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<b>Genetics:</b> Unknown OG Cross


<b>Breeder:</b> Unknown



An homage to LA hip-hop crew and stoner vets Cypress Hill, Cypress OG is a heavy, sedative rendition of SoCal’s favorite strain: OG Kush. Distinguished by a heavy, dank snarl that is accompanied by a loud lemon-pine stank that is sure to grab the attention of any OG lover nearby. Cypress is a heavy-hitting OG variety, so be ready for some serious couchlock if you’re taking Hits From the Bong. <b>Notes:</b> Aside from being a legendary rap group in their own right, Cypress Hill’s exhortations to enjoy “Hits from the Bong” and general promotion of stoner culture got them their very own strain. This phenotype of OG Kush has an explosively piney nose, complimented with a truly Kushy, earthy funk bringing a deep, dank savoriness. Like a proper OG, Cypress’ frosty, deep-green buds hit hard with a blend of sedation and euphoria that makes a perfect compliment to any classic Cali hip-hop jam.

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